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Title: 銀の世界に願いを込めて
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Summary:  Soon, for sure, they will see each other again.
A/N: Yea songfic dude. I thought this song really suits for YamaChii. Hihih.

It was just another cold night. The snow was falling outside. Sometimes the wind blows and the snow pitter-pats against the roof like rain. I have just been here, sitting on this black chair lazily, looking at the old picture frame where our precious smiles are displayed. I just sat there, gazing on it, staring at him. Occasionally, as I looked at my window and saw the snow which covered the whole glass, I abruptly recalled those things happened.

I can't say goodbye
Our time together that was like a dream
Seeing that glowing tower from the park bench

I would never forget how his eyes gleamed on that day when I took him to the park, it was his wish and as his prince, I swiftly granted his wish. His wish to be with me, to spend his time with me, us, spending our times together as it would be the last day that I’d gonna see him. His father returned from States and he wanted him and his family to come with him there after two months, giving us a couple of month to prepare, but that was not enough for me, I never wanted him to leave me nor the other way around. I want to be with him until the time of my death, no, scratch that, I want to be with him until forever. Nevertheless, no matter what I do, there’s nothing I could do to stop him from leaving. His parents had already decided it, that’s final. They wanted him and his older sister to study abroad, while I would be left here all alone trying to learn how to move on. Although, I just can’t …

Together in this place, an enclosed world
Like a snow dome
Its fleeting beauty exceeds

“Ryosuke.” he called while showing me those smiles I could never resist. We had almost spend the whole day on the park, eating, strolling, picture taking, playing, running, hugging, kissing ,etc but he seemed still not tired at all. I wish I was like him. Because as the time runs, it indicates that our time together is coming to its end, and it saddens me. Bit by bit, I couldn’t contain my feeling, of him going away. It makes me weak. When an hour passed, it would just make me weaker, weaker and weaker. But with those smiles of him, I feel revitalized like that’s his way to bring my spirit back because he knows how frail I am when it comes to him.

“Ryo-chan waratte.”

I love you
All of my wishes
The time I hold on tightly to that hand in return
Under the cold midwinter night sky
Look the snow descends

How could I smile for the last thirty minutes he’d be here on my side? “Waratte.”, he persisted while clutching on the hem of my sweater’s sleeves, his brown orbs were gleaming as he were trying to act tough, restraining himself to cry. “Onegai.”
I nodded and slowly formed a smile. It really was hard for me, but thanks to him, thanks to him it didn’t turn faked. “Arigatou…” that was supposed to be my line, but it was him who said it to me instead. I think I just didn’t have enough strength anymore, knowing that my real strength would be taken away from me soon. He is my strength. Please don’t go. It was just on my mind so I hugged him just like telling him those words. I felt his arms wrapped me back like saying we will see each other again. But for how long Yuri, how long?

I savored the moment of us being one while I tightened my hold onto his small waist. I slowly sway him while humming on his ears his favorite song. He chuckled as he thought we might look stupid to the other people who would see us doing that, but I didn’t care, as long as he is mine, I don’t care if we look stupid.
“Baka.”,He whispered, he rested his chin on my shoulder while I kept still on what I was doing. “I love you so much Yuri.”

Soon, for sure we will see each other again
While I wish for that
I admire the silver-colored scenery
I gently kissed your forehead that is covered with snow

“I love you too Ryosuke.”, he softly said as he pulled out from our hug, letting the cold air to strike again on our skin. I frowned as it happened, I still wanted to touch him and feel the warmth of his embrace. Suddenly, the snow fell slowly like it was his tears which he was holding back since then. “Kirei~.”, he looked up at the sky opening his palm as a tiny bead of snow dropped on his palm. He was smiling so bright as if it was his first time to experience snow. The snow kept on falling and the temperature was getting colder so I held him on his wrist and went inside my car. Our heads were already full of snow as we got to the exit and looked for my car. “Ah, ojiichan mitai na.”, he said and giggled as he saw ourselves on the front mirror of the car. He turned to face me and inched closer to wipe the snow from my head. I was only staring at him while he was doing so, putting every details of himself inside my brain. Yuri gave me a confused look when he noticed me staring at his beautiful face; I just pulled him closer, hugging him again while I slowly and sweetly kissed his forehead that was too covered with snow.

Trembling slowly came to my lips and ears
The world only told me in a voice that cannot be heard

“Ryo-chan, you’re kissing me like I’m an elderly.”, he puffed his cheeks and I surprisingly laughed, “Because Yuri, your head is all white.” I tried to tease him thinking that I should enjoy the time while he’s still with me. He looked down with a sigh and it scared me, it scared me that I hurt him for what I said and got mad at me so I panicked, “Wait, Yuri I—“ I closed my eyes when I felt his soft lips landed on mine. Our kiss lasted for some seconds as it was him again who first broke our kiss.
“It’s already time, Ryosuke.”, he said as he let a smile first. At that time, I wanted to be stubborn. I don’t feel like starting the engine.

Our love that sprouted that day
It will surely be strong no matter what happens

And the time I was most scared of came. We were already in the airport. Yuri was with his family with those luggage and stuffs like they would gonna stay there for good. But I know Yuri would not break his promise, his promise of coming back, his promise to see me again and to live together forever. It was already the time for them to leave. My knees started to tremble, my heart slowly stopped on beating. I didn’t let my eyes off of Yuri, and as they were about to leave, his smiles slowly turned into a wry, he suddenly looked so forlorn. He looked about to cry at any moment. I wanted to run at him and take him home but my mom held me on my arms stopping me for whatever things I might done. “Yuri.” It was a very depressing feeling. I felt like I had lost something so important.

I love you
Even though I am all alone in the night
Looking up gently at the winter sky
The same star shines that day
Where I used to take you

Things had never been the same again since Yuri left. I must have been out of mind. I had not been doing well on school. I know I’ve never been good at school but it got worse since he was not here anymore. I lost my inspiration on doing my best in school. I want him to scold me whenever I failed on my exams, I want him to tell me that I’m stupid whenever I get all the answers wrong. I want him to punish me for every school project that I missed to pass. I want you here Yuri, I want you here with me. Please come back soon.

I tried to close my eyes, look
That time I can feel you beside me
Under the cold midwinter night sky
The unlikely dark snow began to descend to this love

It was winter again. Some say that seasons change so fast like yesterday the sakura tree was just on its finest bloom but now the surrounding is now full of snow.
But for me, time seems so slow. A day seems year and a year seems decade to me. Every day I always think to when will I be able to see Yuri again? I wanted to know if he really has gotten taller now because he said he just gained some centimeters taller. I also want to hear him speak in English not minding if I would not understand him. I want to hear his beautiful voice all over and over again and hear him say that he loves me. Yuri and I used to exchange letters and make a chat through internet and call each other, but … for these past three weeks he hasn’t answering my letter nor see him online and couldn’t contact him on his phone.

It hurts me.

It hurts me that he might have already forgotten me, that he have gotten tired of our relationship and would end it the moment we talk again in any way we used to do.

The footprints of the two of us walking in the winter
With your eyes telling me that you are not alone
As we gather each other
Let us not leave anything behind

How long has it been? Five years and four months? It has been that long, and I still wonder how I survived without him, the most important person for me. My life, my love and my everything. I missed him this damn much, but does he feel the same?

Something tells me to go back to the park where I last took Yuri for a simple date. At first I doubted because it might just give me pain. I might feel the same ache.
I sat on the same bench and saw the tower from there. Unconsciously, my hidden tears fell from my eyes running down up to my cheeks. The wind blew messing up my hair but I didn’t care less, giving me chills all over my body. “Yuri, why are you letting me wait for this damn long?”, I uttered as my sense of view became blur maybe because of my tears or maybe because a fog was formed. I don’t know. I really was not aware of my surrounding, not until …

I love you
All of my wishes
The time I hold on tightly to that hand in return
Under the cold midwinter night sky
Look the snow descends

Suddenly it went dim… and warm…
I felt something familiar, I smelled something familiar. I heard something familiar. At first I didn’t want to trust my instinct, because I thought maybe, I was just dreaming or I was just hallucinating. I get hold of what was covering my eyes. I held those small hands wrapped around my head and took it to see whether my intuition was right or wrong.


Soon, for sure we will see each other again
While I wish for that

I burst out crying when I see that figure I was longing to see for so long contrary to how he welcomed me with his old yet still beautiful and unique smile. “Yu-Yuri…”
He wiped my tears and shushed me from sobbing hugging me tight, letting me feel his presence, his comeback. I was so dumbfounded to see him again.
“Tadaima,”, he repeated like he was expecting an answer from me.

I rubbed my eyes that was swelling due from crying and sniffed and tried my best to give him my best smile which I was sure he had also missed to see for so long. “Okaeri, Yuri.” We’d been apart for so long that I couldn’t restrain myself from kissing him there, making him blush after we kissed and heard people clapped around us. “R-Ryosuke h-hazukashii yo!”

I admire the silver-colored scenery
I gently kissed your forehead that is covered with snow



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