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Title: My Prince Ate the Pumpkin Carriage We’re Supposed to Ride in Because He Suddenly Turned into a Tsundere.
Author: jasshi/[livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada ♥ Chinen
Genre: Fluff?
Summary: Having a relationship with a tsundere is somehow stressful, but not maybe for the Genius and irresistible Chinen Yuri. Could his tactics break the tsuntsun side of his lover this summer reason?
A/N: Long title because long titles are now in. Sorry about the title, this is not a fairytale and the pumpkin has nothing to do with story though. It randomly popped out in my mind maybe because I was listening to Little Princess Pri (^ε^)♪ In short, it doesn’t make any sense. xD

The entire summer has been good to him - to them, or rather say the entire year. From concerts, magazines, regular shows and guestings. He has received tons of direct and indirect confessions from his boyfriend and those things make him so happy. "Just a fan service" for what others might think, but for them they were not. Those confessions and lustful touches he received during magazine interviews and concerts were true.

He believes they were true. They really do.

But yet, he is still not contented. Those sweet talks like cotton candies, those warm hugs, those secret kisses they only do backstage are still not enough. He will never be contented, never. He wants more. He wants to be loved more - by his one and only, his Yamada Ryosuke. He might seem selfish demanding more time with his lover but he can't help it; he just can’t, knowing that his partner is a certified tsundere.

He has already considered 2013 as YamaChine year, he is just afraid that everything might turn into a dreadful nightmare like what happened last year. He was aware that Ryosuke was only doing 'that' for drama promotion. But now that his drama already came to its end, he's not sure if he could even take seeing his beloved Ryosuke acting so lovey-dovey with other people again; at least let this year end full of YamaChine's wonderful memories. He's so damn tired acting okay when he's been left behind, when he sees Ryosuke's arm being linked to other's arm. And what makes him mad recently was the score he got from a game in a magazine. He is supposed to be on top because he is the boyfriend and should know better about Yamada Ryosuke than Nakayama Yuma. But the end, he got the 8th place. He’s a little bit happy though because he ranked higher than Yuto.

"What's your problem with my message? You told me to say something nice so I said ' I'm always by your side. I love you.~' ' thinking by that I'd gain an instant 100points, but what did you give to me? A negative point!?" Yuri grumbled when the overall result had been published. He couldn't believe he didn't even make it to the top 3 and got surpassed by some Juniors.
"Well ..." Ryosuke scratched his temple. He knew this would happen after the release. “It’s not something you normally say in magazine, that's stupid." that's a bit sadistic for him to say. "And... I still gave you 5 points even you got the answer wrong."
"But you're saying that to me during concert!" he pouted, Chinen Yuri style. He wanted Ryosuke to feel guilty and even more guilty.
"I really do want to hear you say that to me, but not somewhere like... in a magazine." He is such a good actor that he could hide his blush that much.
" I am going to say that everywhere I want because I love you Ryosuke. I love you so much that I want to shout it in the whole world!"
Hearing those words, best actor Yamada wasn't able to hide his burning cheeks any longer. Yuri won. He made him feel so guilty. "Okay. I'm sorry, Yuri. I'm so sorry." He heard no respond from his little squirrel only receiving discontented eyes and pouting lips that keep on growing longer and longer. "Yuri, please?" He moved his arm around Yuri's waist and warmly hugged his sulking boyfriend. He planted a soft kiss on his head and whispered his apology on the younger's ear once again. "I'm sorry... and I love you."
Yuri pulled back from the hug they shared. He felt the sincerity on his apology, he just wants to tease his boyfriend a little to take revenge. He stared at Ryosuke, still pouting, "What now Yuri, still mad?"
Yuri smirked as he tiptoed pinching Ryosuke's nose. "Now look who's blushing. So cute!"
Ryosuke stepped back avoiding Yuri's pinch. "I-I'm not blushing or anything. B-baka!"

By that, Ryosuke had just proved more that he really is a tsundere. And his tsundere-ness had leveled up.

Yuri had an unexpected visitor when he got home. The visitor was waiting for him in their living room and he was surprised to see his greatest rival in “Yamada's #1 Mania in Johnny's” game who is none other than Nakayama Yuma. “What brought my friend fish here? Are you going to brag your score at me?" Yuri crossed his arms as he remembered the result from earlier. The poor vampire tilted his head for confusion thinking what this “score” was all about. Yuri wasn’t really mad, well, earlier he was, and Yuma is used on Chinen’s sadism already. “What?” he asked innocently.
“Never mind~ so, what brought you here?” he threw that question once again. He smiled. He suddenly realized that Yuma’s victory is harmless since the taller guy doesn’t have any affection for his lover unlike the other Juniors who left a rather distrustful and suspicious messages and seemed like a sort of stalkers. And he trust Yuma as the latter once said on their first photo book that he enjoys watching the two of them flirt with each other.
“Oh~” Yuma moved his head back to its normal place and got something from his bag. A two firework tickets for Summer Festival. “I-I got these from a lottery earlier. Today’s fortune s said that I would be lucky in lottery games today so I tried.” He then passed the tickets to the smaller boy. “I played twice so that you’d invite Yamada-kun along and I luckily won another ticket. I hope you two would have a very memorable night while watching the fireworks, Chii~” , he smirked as if imagining something beyond innocence and purity. Yuri blushed getting what Yuma was implying. “Oi~ i-it’s not… but thank you Yuma-chan.” he smiled as he had the tickets on his small hands.
"You’re always welcome Chii~ Just don’t forget to send me some photos okay?"
What a shipper, he thought, "Okay. Since I owe you this then I will. Just one photo, okay?"
Yuma nod, though he wants to demand for more, he still wants to respect the privacy of YamaChine, "Un. It’s better than nothing~" he giggled. "I just passed by to give you that. I gotta go now Chii~"

As Yuma decided to go home, the little squirrel went to his room to rest. The rehearsal was so tiring and he needs to relax a bit. Soon his phone rang, and it was his boyfriend on the other line asking him if he has gone home safely. Ryosuke wasn't able to accompany him since the latter had a drama shooting that day. To be honest, he wanted to come along with Ryosuke at the shooting but it was late already and Ryosuke noticed that he's already tired and sleepy and advised that he better go home and take a rest and sleep.
"Uhmm... Ryosuke..." he softly uttered, contemplating if it's the right time to tell Ryosuke the thing about the fireworks. Since they're only talking thru phone, and knowing his lover's tsuntsun side, there's a higher possibility Ryosuke would turn down his invitation saying that it's kinda childish. And foremost, it'd be harder for him to persuade him because the latter wouldn't see him pouting on the other line if he refuses.
"Yes, Yuri?"
So at the end, he chose not to say it at the moment and he will just inform him personally after their practice tomorrow. "B-betsuni. I just want to say I love you."
"I love you too Yuri~ we’re going to start now. Jaa~" he said and hang up the phone.

Yuri was hopping forward on Ryosuke who was busy fixing his hair in front of the mirror like a cute little bunny. Their dance practice had finished and they were about to go home. Yuri couldn't wait any longer to tell Yamada the fireworks. Though it should be the other way around, Yamada Ryosuke should be the one asking him for a date not unless they have changed roles already. It's Yuma's fault actually for handing him the tickets instead of Ryosuke. He was smiling like an idiot; his smiles reflecting on the mirror. Yamada looked so puzzled seeing his boyfriend acting that way. He knew his Yuri wanted something from him. "You want something, don't you?" he asked, not turning his chair. Yuri pouted, "Mou, Ryosuke! That’s not a proper way of talking to someone especially if it's me!" he bounded at the table in front of Ryosuke blocking in between. "Yuri~ I'm not yet done with my hair!"
He's gradually losing his patience so he put his hands on the latter's head and put his hair on a mess. "We're going home Ryosuke, no need to fix your hair."
Ryosuke grumbled, "Okay fine! What do you want?"
"Don't be so grumpy Ryosuke." Yuri teased as he jumped down and sat at his boyfriend's lap instead. He knew that this could calm Ryosuke down, but it might cause the opposite on something down there.
"Y-Yuri, what- "Ryosuke blushed. Yuri's face was so close to him he could feel his breath. And that 'something' was about to wake up.
"I-I'll go ahead first. Yama-chan, Chii~" Daiki, who was also still on the dressing room coughed and bid his goodbye. He thought these two needs some privacy and might be the reason why Yamada was being so mulish to Chinen.
"Now we're alone~" Yuri murmured at the older one's ear, teasing him farther.
"Not here, Yuri... W-we're going home already, darou."
He heard Ryosuke gulped. He was just teasing him. And he knew he was such a flirt that he could actually seduce his boyfriend instantly - no scratch that, it wasn't because Yamada was being seduced by him, rather it's because he was fascinated.
He laughed, sarcastically. "Such a pervert pig." he left Ryosuke's lap making the latter frown. He pulled his bag on the chair and got the tickets and showed it to Ryosuke, "Anou~ You know we haven't hanged up lately. And I really want to spend more time with you Ryosuke. So would you like to ... could we watch the fireworks together?" he asked in a very very cute and girly way as if like it would be their first ever date.
" I really do appreciate your effort Yuri, but don't you think it's a bit c-childish?"
He did expect this. Chinen Yuri did expect Yamada Ryosuke would turn down his offer but he prepared himself for this.
"Sou ka na~" an instant pout was formed on his red pinkish kissable lips. Ryosuke looked away to avoid feeling guilty. He stood up and fixed their things.
"If it's a little bit childish, then maybe I should invite some Juniors along since they're younger na~" he clearly pronounced as if sending Ryosuke a message that he's still going to watch the firework display even without him tagging along. "Ah! Sou-chan! I'm sure Sou-chan cannot reject my invitation!", he expressed. "You can go first on the car Ryosuke, I'm going to check Sou-chan in their room and give him the ticket." But before he could even make a step, Ryosuke stopped him. "S-stop!" he yelled.

BOOM. Yuri's so sure that he already has the victory on his hands. He turned back and hummed a soft "Hmmm" as if he doesn't have any idea why Ryosuke was stopping him.
"I-I ... think it's not ... r-really childish. So I'm ..." he paused as he walked near Yuri and then bit his lower lip contemplating if he should finish his sentence or not. Yuri titled his head waiting for his next words, "so you are?"
"I-I'm going with you!" he grabbed both of the tickets from Chinen and blush. "I-I'm keeping both so that you won't forget it."
Yuri smirked. A jealous Yamada Ryosuke couldn't get any cuter. "Yay! Thanks Ryosuke!" he clung to him hugging the taller one's neck and pecked him on his lips. "I promise you're gonna enjoy it." he smiled brightly.
"No need to promise. As long as you're there, I'd enjoy it." he smiled back as he answered Yuri's kiss with another kiss, "I love you Yuri."
"I love you too Ryosuke." and another kiss was given to his beloved boyfriend.

Yuri won again this time.

Time passed like a blink of an eye. Ryosuke was already on their meeting place, waiting for his Yuri to arrive. He was only wearing a casual outfit - a white shirt beneath a red jacket, jeans and a cap to somehow have a disguise to their fans. But whatever he wears, he still look very fashionable and damn gorgeous handsome. He checked the time on his watch. It was 5 minutes before
7pm and Yuri hasn't arrived yet. He knows Yuri's always very punctual so he calmly stays on where he was and patiently waits for his date to show up, but when the time had reached 7:07pm he started to get worried. "Yuri... where are you now?”, he whispered to himself, as he glance to every people that would pass in front of him. When he still couldn't see his boyfriend, he pulled his phone out of his pocket to give his boyfriend a call.

'Ring ring ...'

A pair of small hands suddenly wrapped around his waist and something was vibrating on the left side of his back startled him. "Uwaaa!!" he jolted for a short time then turned around knowing whose hands were locked around his waist. "Yuri you've surprised me!"
He giggled cutely as he apologized, "Gomen ne~ I just found you so cute when you're looking for me." he beamed.
But Yuri was much cuter than how he thought of Ryosuke earlier. Ryosuke was so amazed to see the younger one appearing so pretty with his black yukata that's been paired with a silver obi around his little waist. Yuri clapped his hands once upward as he spun himself around Ryosuke like a total idiot. "Ryo-chan, I bought this yukata just for you~" he said almost chanting. The older one blushed, "You're so pretty, babe. But stop acting like an idiot." his cheeks vibrated as he giggled, grabbing Yuri's hands that were still raised upward. Yuri pouted, though he liked it when he said he's pretty (and he knows that he's always pretty), it just he noticed that his date was only wearing a casual one. Ryosuke sight Yuri's lips getting longer so he apologized for calling him an idiot earlier but that wasn't really the reason behind Yuri's pursing lips.
"Why aren't you wearing a yukata? We're going to a festival darou?!" Yuri started out. "And I did put an effort wearing this because I want to look perfect in your eyes so you won't move your eyes away from me in case you'd see some girls wearing a shorter yukata than mine. Look, I got late because I couldn't put the obi perfectly by myself so I asked nee-chan to do it for me." and now, he's also puffing his cheeks.
"I..." Ryosuke halted for a moment thinking of how he should explain his side without him hurting his boyfriend. He already knew he have had enough and he was busy these past few days not giving Yuri enough time and attention. And it was true when he said he appreciated Yuri's effort to set a date for him. And he doesn't really hate Yuri's idea inviting him at the summer festival. It was just ... he want him alone - all alone and just the two of them. Seeing his boyfriend sulking even before they reach the venue alarmed him. What if Yuri gets pissed and cancels their date? "I'm just disguising myself."
"Huh?! Disguising you said?!" That word meant different for Yuri. Disguising himself for what? Disguising himself so that people won't see him, Yamada Ryosuke dating Chinen Yuri in a Summer Festival? Hiding his identity to public because he is ashamed to be seen dating him? Because he's not proud to be seen as his boyfriend? Not proud to be Chinen Yuri's boyfriend - to be Chinen Yuri's Yamada Ryosuke?
"Chigau" he strongly protested. Yuri didn't seem to hear him, or even if he did, it seemed like he doesn't believe it. The smaller one just stayed still; looking down, sight on the cold ground. He doesn't know how he could be composed in front of Ryosuke. He doesn't want Ryosuke to see him hurt just because of a small thing. But that's what love can do, right? Small things might turn out something big, and big things might turn out something small.

He doesn't want to ruin their date.


"Sorry." he mumbled. Yuri knows he's talking non-sense. That's he's being too selfish, childish and too sensitive again. Still with his head down, he saw Ryosuke's feet coming near him.

A warm feeling.

"Ryosuke..." he uttered. Ryosuke pulled him gently for a warm and comfy hug. He felt safe, very safe. He also wrapped his little hands around the taller guy's waist, hugging him back. He crossed out all the insecurities he had on mind earlier. He just wants to stay there, feeling Ryosuke's warmth, his embrace. He wanted them to stay there a little bit longer.

He doesn't care now if Ryosuke is wearing yukata or not. What important is...

Ryosuke is there.

Beside him.

Hugging him tight.

Ryosuke pulled out for a bit to cup the shorter guy's chin, meeting his eyes with his brown orbs. "I-I'm sorry Yuri. The fireworks will start at 7:45 right? I still have time to change. Dakara waratte ne" he beamed. Yuri surprisingly shook his head, "You don't need to. Let's forget what happened earlier. Ikou~" he hold Ryosuke's wrist as he smiled back at him. Ryosuke nodded as he got the little hand on his wrist and placed it to where it should be.

Walking in the street, holding hand and hand.

The festival was of course, crowded. But never did it cause the two of them to look to someone else; never did they let go of each other's hands. They don't care about the crowd, because the moment their fingers locked they care less about the surroundings, they don't mind those eyes - those envious and jealous eyes staring at them. Not minding those tittle-tattles they hear. What important is them, savoring the moment they share.

There are still some minutes before the firework start. And since Yuri was so excited and ate his lunch pretty early, he got hungry and they looked for a yakisoba stand. The yakisoba was so great that it made Ryosuke to forget his diet. After heating their stomachs and got full they tried the shooting game that was located near the yakisoba stand. Yuri tried, aiming at a slushy pig toy but always failed to have a good shot. He lost his patience after 7 shots so Ryosuke came to the rescue and shoot those 3 remaining shots. But due to his poor eyesight, he got a rubber duck instead of a stuff pig toy.
"This is all I got Yuri, sorry." he laughed as he gave the prize on him. Yuri shook his head accepting the small but cute prize they had. "Daijoubu~ this is so cute! I'd definitely use it tomorrow when I take bath." he laughed.

He was so happy.

He's happy that even though he didn't get what he wanted, Ryosuke made an effort for him. He doesn't really need the slushy pig toy, because he already has his own buta, his Yamabuta. And he wouldn't dare exchange his Yamada Ryosuke for any other prizes. Having Yamada Ryosuke is enough for him, having his pervert tsundere Yamabuta is priceless. He doesn't need anything aside for him.

19:35 – 10 minutes before the fireworks display. They had already found a perfect spot for the firework show. People and a lot of couples keep on coming. Ryosuke tighten his grip on Yuri’s hand as he was afraid that his little one might get pushed by the crowd. He pulled him closer to him, securing him with his own guard. Yuri beamed as his lover did so, also tightening his grip like saying he will never let go. Everything was so perfect for the perfect couple until Ryosuke felt some malicious eyes staring at them. The stares they were receiving at that time were different compared from earlier, and he couldn’t just ignore it and let their bitchy stares reach his Chinen Yuri. He wouldn’t let anyone to have a malicious gaze at his Chinen Yuri. He wouldn’t let those hungry eyes to get full by staring at his lover’s beauty. Because Chinen Yuri is his property, he owns Chinen Yuri and he won’t share him to anyone. Never, Even to his Mom.

“We’re going home.” Ryosuke spurted as he pulled the squirrel who was suddenly befuddled on his action. They were just enjoying the moment earlier, his head resting on Ryosuke’s chest. He never heard any complain from Ryosuke when they got there, their vivid smiles never vanished on their pretty faces. So what made Ryosuke to walk out on the festival? He didn’t know. Didn’t he like it when he reposed his small head against his chest because it feels embarrassing for him to do it in public? Did the festival bore him already? Does he really hate the fireworks? How’d he know if Ryosuke was not answering his simple questions as if it were some kind of difficult math problems. “The firework is about to start Ryosuke. Can’t you please wait for some more time? Why do you suddenly wanted to go home? Am I boring to be with?” Yuri asked simultaneously, not minding if his first question hasn’t been answered yet. Ryosuke didn’t answer. He didn’t want to tell Yuri his reason because he knows the smaller one would tease him after; he would tease him that he’s jealous. Though he knew he should not be jealous. He doesn’t need to feel insecure because he knows Yuri would never dare exchange him for someone who is below his level. It’s just … he felt like punching those pervert geezers straight to their horrible faces, so he just chose to leave the festival though he knows that it would sadden his precious one.
“Pfft.” He grumbled as he felt like he was talking to a deaf. But it baffled him more when Ryosuke chose a different route. He thought they were going home but where did Ryosuke plan to go to? He stopped pouting. He felt that he should trust Ryosuke for whatever is running on his mind at that time.

Yuri frowns for the nth time when he recognized where Ryosuke was taking him to. They’re heading to a hill near a pond. He was resistant to climb up the hill even though there’s step going up and his feet hurts already because of the geta he’s wearing.“You trust me, don’t you?” the older one uttered as Yuri withdrew his hand on his hold. “But-” he tried to state his excuse but the brown hair guy didn’t let him finish whatever he was going to say and hold him again, grabbing his wrist as they took steps going up the hill. He doesn’t know why, but when Ryosuke held him again, there’s a feeling of warmth and trust on his hold that he eventually disregard the pain on his feet. But Ryosuke didn’t miss to notice him limping before him. They halted as he crouched and checked Yuri’s now swelling feet. “And this is one of the reason why I chose not to wear one.” he said. He turned back offering his back so that he could give Yuri a piggy back ride. “What are you waiting for Yuri? Ride, or else we’d miss the firework.” Ryosuke commanded. Yuri didn’t totally grasp what Ryosuke was saying about the fireworks but he followed the older one’s instruction and slowly rides on his back, hugging Ryosuke’s neck and Ryosuke supporting him on his legs.

Oh, who knows how much they missed it

They haven’t done it for a long time. Since Yuri had lessen his spoiled-ness and stopped sitting on someone’s lap – on Ryosuke’s lap, he also started to refrain riding on someone’s back which of course Ryosuke complains of; he was just hiding it on himself. While on the other hand, Yuri doesn’t really like to stop acting like a spoiled brat to his Ryosuke. He is just scared that one day, Ryosuke would get tired of spoiling him and would tell him to stop and act according to his age so he decided it for his own. But hearing those words from Ryosuke – 「Ride」 – he doesn’t need to contemplate.

They reached the top of the hill not for so long and it wrinkled Yuri’s forehead when Ryosuke carefully crouched and his feet landed on the ground. As he looked up, he saw a big cedar tree. Ryosuke sat beside him, smiling. “You know, I shouldn’t have showed you this spot yet. But I had no choice.” he chuckled softly. Yuri asked, “What do you mean?”. But Ryosuke just smiled and didn’t answer him. Yuri was about to curse Ryosuke for not answering his questions all over again until something brought illumination to the sky and it amazed them both.


“Ryosuke, you…” He feels so touched. He moved his eyes from the beautiful fireworks launching at the sky and looked at the beautiful face that was just near his beautiful face as well. Ryosuke smiled back at Yuri as he saw the bright smile on the latter’s face. It was the brightest smile the younger had at that day. He feels so blessed. He wouldn’t wish for anything. He wants Yuri to keep those smiles, those smiles that are brighter than the fireworks above. And it amazes him more – Yuri’s angelic face, putting all the details on his head. He stared at those doll eyes, those long eyelashes, down to his prominent nose, and then to his cheeks, and lastly he stared at the squirrel’s pouty lips, his pinkish-red soft lips. He felt like touching it, kissing it, and wait if Yuri would kiss him back. Yuri bit his lower lip and it turned him on more. He held Yuri’s left cheek whilst the chibi prepared himself for a kiss.

Not until …

“Hachuu~!!”, Yuri couldn’t restrain himself for sneezing and it pissed him. It pissed him that it ruined their kiss. And it was so romantic for him, for them to kiss underneath a big cedar tree with the fireworks witnessing their kiss. “Gross.” Ryosuke exclaimed and then laughed, giving the squirrel a tissue. Yuri apologized for what happened and cleaned his nose. “I’m…cold.” he whispered, rubbing his palm. Ryosuke mumbled as soft “hmm” as they looked at each other once again without saying anything afterwards. Yuri was trying to send him a message through his eyes but Ryosuke didn’t seem to get it. “Do you want something?” he asked. Yuri sighed in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Ryosuke was that dense not to comprehend the meaning of his stare. Yuri rolled his eyes as he focused at the fireworks once again, completely ignoring his dense slash tsundere boyfriend Yamada Ryosuke. “Oi.”The moment earlier made his heart to skip a beat that he couldn’t be true so he rather asked him a stupid question. He really did get what his chibi boyfriend was trying to say. His switch suddenly turned on its tsuntsun side. He was just teasing Yuri. He just wanted to tease him a bit. “Yuri, I’m also cold~”he whispered at the chibi’s ear sending million of volts to the latter. Yuri smirked as he thought it was time for revenge, “I don’t care!” he exclaimed.
Hearing those words from his sarcastic squirrel, he voluntarily switched off his tsuntsun side and turned on his dere side. He won’t let the situation to get worse. He moved closer at his squirrel who was sulking for the nth time as he slowly enveloped his small frame with his warm flesh, locking his princess on his arms, pulling his hand so that to remove the scowl on Yuri’s pretty face and as to tame his little squirrel. “Let’s hold hands, babe.”

Yuri let their fingers to get intertwined once again and snuggled close to his prince as if he was cuddling his favorite teddy bear. Ryosuke didn’t let that moment to pass by as he held Yuri’s chin and kissed his nose. He couldn’t resist his temptation any longer and caught those puckering lips of Chinen Yuri, kissing it softly and sweetly. Yuri pulled out first as he got weak on Ryosuke’s kisses and breathed for some air. Yuri snuggled again at him as they’re exchanging their sweet ‘I love you~’, whilst the older one was so busy stroking his hair and keeps on landing sweet kisses on the younger one’s cheek. The squirrel twisted his side as he looked up at his lover’s face and suddenly spoke, “When are you going to propose to me Ryosuke? I can’t wait to be your husband.”
Ryosuke blushed. He didn’t expect Yuri would ask him something like that. Yuri, not knowing where his thoughts came from, blushed as well. There was a pregnant silence. Yuri couldn’t revoke what he had said so he asked him again.”Tell me when, Ryosuke. Tell me.” He wanted to know.
“That’s a secret so you will be surprised when I propose.” Ryosuke answered.
“I want to be Yamada Yuri when I turned 20. Let’s get married on my 20th birthday~” he suggested, hugging Ryosuke’s waist tighter. He’s seemed so excited.
“Oi. It sounds like a proposal already, Stop it Yuri, I should be the one proposing, not you.” Ryosuke blushed harder as he imagines himself wearing a tuxedo as Yuri was wearing a long white wedding gown, walking down the aisle. He chuckled as he imagines Yuri being the bride.
“Promise me. Promise me you’ll marry me on my 20th birthday, okay? Make a promiseeeee Ryosuke! Promise me!” he showed out his pinky and hooked it on Ryosuke’s pinky.
“I promise.” Ryosuke pledged as he sealed the night with a tender, soft, sweet and passionate kiss.

○●○ おわり ○●○

A/N: Will probably write a sequel for this. Please look forward to YamaChii’s wedding on November 30, 2013.

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Mine please!

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Si YuriChi in pigtails?

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this is too cute to be true but its true bcos its YamaChii and YamaChii is real..so so so R-E-A-L

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