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Title: Smurfberries
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/ Chinen
Rating: PG and forever be PG
Summary: Yuri wants to play some Smurfy game but Ryosuke is tired period

 It was the last taping day of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo. Chinen was all alone at Yamada’s apartment waiting for the arrival of his boyfriend. He had some plans on mind and will commit them once his subject arrives. Is it something like a crime? So that Hajime-kun will solve it just like what he usually does? Of course, it isn’t a crime. True, he kinda felt like committing one like stabbing Miyuki or murdering her but that would be just a waste of time and effort, so there he was, prettily sitting on the couch like a princess as he waited for his prince charming to return back to their palace.

Being the fox demon that he is, he instantaneously heard Ryosuke’s car engine outside and it gave him the time to get ready. His actual plan is to give his boyfriend something in return for the hard-work that he have done all over the taping, and repaying him for the same thing Ryosuke had been giving whenever he comes home from his drama shootings (onmyouya). Yuri walked into their room and got something on his locker. It was a round sunglasses and he wore it looking him more like his character in Smurf – Brainy. He checked his look in front of the mirror and smiled to see how handsome he is, just then he heard the door knob being twisted and soon, Yamada Ryosuke’s figure was revealed.

“Tadaima.” Ryosuke greeted on a weary tone while on the contrary Yuri gave him an enthusiastic reply “O.ka.eri nasaiiiiiii Kuramsshiiiii~”. Yuri welcomed Ryosuke with a big and warm hug; Ryosuke hugged him back and pecked Yuri on his lips. “Otsukare sama deshita~” Yuri said as he smiled, giving Ryosuke another set of kisses. Ryosuke liked the hugs and kisses he was receiving but he was damn tired and just wanted to sleep. He lay straightly on their share bed after he changed clothes (with the help of Yuri of course). Yuri pouted as Ryosuke didn’t even notice him wearing Brainy’s sunglasses. He sat on the side of the bed as trails his finger on Ryosuke’s hair. “Ne, Ryosuke, can we play? Uhmm.. Let’s play some Smurfy Game.” Yuri whispered on Ryosuke’s left ear giving the latter a chill. “I’m … tired Yuri… Let’s do that later okay? Just let me sleep for atleast 10minutes~” Ryosuke turned to Yuri and smiled and told him not to get disappointed and promised that they would play later on after he’d have a rest. “Mou…” Yuri pouted again. “ b-but 10 minutes is chou long, I can’t wait~” Yuri whined. “But Yuri, I’m ti—” Ryosuke was about to protest but Yuri insisted, “5 minutes. 5 minutes Ryosuke or else I’ll pack up my things and go home!” Yuri crossed his arms, letting Ryosuke know that he is serious. Poor Yamada Ryosuke that he couldn’t complain anymore, he just agreed and when he gave Yuri his words, the fox demon stopped on whining and let him enjoy his 5 minutes worth of sleep.

Yuri set the alarm for 5 minutes and watched his sleeping boyfriend. He couldn’t stop on giggling seeing how cute his boyfriend is. He leaned his face closer aiming for Ryosuke’s lip until his sunglasses fell down knocking Ryosuke’s nose. “Ooops.” Yuri cautiously took the sunglasses while Ryosuke rubbed his nose. And then it hit him that at that time, Brainy Smurf failed on seducing Clumsy Smurf so he thought of changing his plan.

At exactly 5 minutes the alarm snoozed. Ryosuke was still stubborn to wake up but Yuri kept on shaking him. “Ryosuke~ it’s time for you to wake upppppppp.” But whatever he does, he couldn’t budge Ryosuke, “5 more minutes. Give me 5 minutes”. Until Yuri saw the blower and plugged it in, switch it on and place it near Ryosuke’s ear. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh atsuuuu! Yuri stop itttt it’s hoooooot!” Ryosuke pushed the blower away until it slipped on Yuri’s hand and it fell on the floor. Yuri groaned and soon announced that he’d gonna start up packing his things which alarmed the poor Yamada Ryosuke. He hurriedly sprang and apologized but got a little bewildered upon seeing Yuri wearing a blonde wig and a white dress. “Gome---”

Yuri smirked witnessing how Ryosuke’s jaw instantly dropped seeing him with that kind of getup. “So, how do you like my new dress and blonde hair” Yuri fabulously flipped his blonde hair. Ryosuke was still awestruck seeing how pretty and sexy his boyfriend is, and how the hair blower had been blowing hair up at Yuri’s dress revealing something only him is allowed to see. “Whoa~ I could see you’re enjoying the view Ryosuke.” Yuri teased, quickly grabbing hold of the edges of his skirt and trying to hold them down.

“You really know how to turn me on, ne Brainy?”

“I’m not Brainy for the meantime, can’t see you that I’m Smurfette”

Ryosuke giggled, “Oh I’m sorry Smurfette, you just looked like my beloved Brainy today.” He started giggling so hard he could barely stop.

“Mou Ryosuke.. I mean Clumsy! Can’t you please stop giggling for a while and switch off the blower? I’m starting to have fried eggs between my legs!”

“Oh, Sorry.” Ryosuke said as he removed the comforter which was covering his top. He was about to jump from their bed and would pounce down on his boyfriend but he tripped on his pillows knocking him down on the cold floor with his face first.

“Ryosukeee, daijoubu ka?!” Yuri worriedly asked as Ryosuke’s face landed near to where he was standing. He didn’t see Ryosuke trip because he was covering his eyes until he heard a thud. Ryosuke smiled raising his thumb, “I’m fine Smurfette, haven’t you forgotten that I’m Clumsy Smurf? And beside the view here is much more interesting.” Ryosuke grabbed the blower next to him and aimed it more between Yuri’s legs. “Ryosuke yameteeeee yo~!” Yuri screeched in a very girly voice which turned on Ryosuke more. “Hohoho~ Yuriiii. I could see fresh Smurfberries from here. And they already seem ripe, I’m gonna harvest them huh~ ” Ryosuke announced stretching his arm upward picking up two fresh Smurferries.


Title: Yamada-kun and a Witch Named Chinen
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/ Chinen
Rating: forever PG
Summary: Chinen Yuri is a witch lol
A/N: Had already posted this on facebook last year I just want to share it here lol


“Ya.ma.da.kun~”, Yuri chants as he cutely approaches his boyfriend Ryosuke who’s sitting on his bed.

“Yamada-kun?”, Ryosuke asks frowning. He isn’t used of Yuri calling him on his family name nor with Yama-chan anymore. And if Yuri calls him that way, it’s either because Yuri is mad or jealous but at that moment he is so sure that he hasn’t done anything that could madden the little squirrel whom he loves the most.

“Hai, hai, anta wa Yamada-kun deshou? Are, didn’t you know??”

Ryosuke is really clueless. “I know but … why aren’t you calling me Ryosuke? Are you breaking up with me?”

Yuri laughs, “of course not! It’s just … I discovered something!!”

“And what is that?” Ryosuke smiles in relief as he pulls Yuri to sit on his lap, excited to hear what his boyfriend will say.

“ I’ve discovered that I’m … I’m…”

(A/N: Chinen is pregnant, Yama-chan! And you’re the father of course!! Yeyyyy! XDD)

“… I’m a witch!!!” Yuri exclaims, eyes sparkling in utter joy, hugging his buta lover on his sexy neck.


“Don’t’ehhh’ me, Ryos—I mean Yamada-kun, I’m serious! I really am a witch!! Don’t you believe me?” he pouts.

Of course, Ryosuke doesn’t believe that his lover is a witch. Yuri is a princess and not a witch. But because Yuri is insisting that he really is, he just buy Yuri’s story and get with the flow because if he don’t, he knows that it will lead into a not-so-happy ending. “Maji de?”

Yuri simultaneously nods, “I am. I am. I am! But, I still don’t know what my power is. Dakara …”, he guardedly pushes down Ryosuke to his bed, and sits below the older boy’s stomach as he leans closer. “…chuu shite~”, he announces, puckering his lips to the most seductive yet cutest way possible.

Ryosuke then now comprehends where Yuri’s idea came from.It’s now clear to him, Chinen is watching too much doramas that it severely affects him, “C-chotto Yuri …Iya~” No,It’s not that he doesn’t want to kiss Yuri. He can kiss him anytime he wants. And he can give him more than that if he wants or if they both want. So what’s stopping him from doing so?

It’s because, he wants to take care of his seme image.

They should have been on his room at the first place and not at the latter’s room. If only, if only his bed didn’t collapse on the last time Yuri had a sleep over at his room then maybe … he will not be bothered by anything. Because, little witch Chinen Yuri forgot to lock the door of his room and it fears Ryosuke that Saaya-nee might enter and see his little brother dominating him and worse, topping him.

And since witches/wizards are more powerful than ordinary human, and the fact the he can’t resist Yuri’s kisses and Yuri himself, Ryosuke then responds to the kiss he’s receiving ,kissing Yuri even deeper.

And within just some seconds or so, both of them become naked.

And that what Chinen Yuri’s witch power is.

That whenever Chinen Yuri kisses someone (especially Yamada Ryosuke), their clothes will disappear.


A/N: First post of the year! I haven’t posted anything for 5 consecutive months LOL so this serves as my comeback (?) post though I fear that I still can’t be as active as before. There are still a serious lack of motivation and diligence into me. I seriously have lots of ideas in mind but I’m just toooooooooo lazy to type just Kamonamaihaus and I’ll do a story-telling instead. (。-人-。) (b^-゜)

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'And that what Chinen Yuri’s witch power is.

That whenever Chinen Yuri kisses someone" (especially Yamada Ryosuke)", their clothes will disappear.' ----> WHAT????




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Bitchy yuri is heaven for ryosuke ne >.*
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