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i was on the mood on making icons. Was surprised that i made a total of 93 icons hahaha! Got too much free time huh?
YamaChine has their own sets of icons. I hope you won't mind that. I'm not bias.

17 Chinen
11 Yamada
7 YamaChine

9 Daiki
10 Yabu
4 Inoo
4 Hikaru
4 Yuya
4 Keito
3 Yuto

3 DaiChii
2 YabuNoo
2 OkaJima
1 OkaYama
2 TakaNoo
10 Various~


aisureba motto~ )

Comment if taking and PLEASE credit properly. :D
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Title: Through His Eyes
Author:[livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke/Chinen Yuri
Rating: PG
Genre: Family, angst Slice of Life
Summary: Everytime he looks on his eyes, he remembers him.
AN: Flashbacks are written in italic.

At the same time, we also had found out why Yukito keeps on calling Yuri his mama... )

And below is the Preview for the next episode of Yumalicious.

so instead of putting captions on screencaps, I decided to to make a fanvid instead just to try something different. I'm not sure though if I could finish it before Chinen's birthday. Let's hope that I can. Heheh.

So the fact already came from Chinen's mouth. :DD

Not familiar with Yumalicious? Check the pilot episode here.
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Crossposting from itsmorefuninyamachiifandom
Due to YamaChii shippers insistent public demand.

Here's another OOC that came from their Guesting in Hey!Hey!Music Champ.

Yuma is still a shipper. XD 

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