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Complete romaji lyrics of JUMP songs in their 5th album "Dear."

Unit songs: ⬇⬇
Boku to Keito )

My Girl )

Konya Anata o Kudokimasu )

Mr. Flawless )

Bonus track:

From. )


Masquerade )

Run de BOO! )

Dream Master )

B.A.B.Y )

Special Love )

Dear. )Eternal )


order )

Tasty U )

Slow Motion )

Ai no Shubiduba )

KISS Diary )

Brand New World )... )
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Title: White Crayon [2/?]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: YamaChii, AriYama, TaDaiki, YamaUmi and a secret pairing  UmiChii
Summary: He has been watching him for a long time without being noticed. He loves him so much but his love never reached him. He can't see him; he is just like a white crayon that is inscribed in a white paper.   


They stayed like that for some seconds without anyone uttering even a single word until a kid passed by and asked them what they were doing... )

Comments are very well appreciated; leaving a comment will not cost you anything.
Thank you very much. ♥
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Title: Exceed the Storm 『Chapter 2: I need you by my side』
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing:Yamada/Chinen , Morimoto/Nishii
Rating: PG
Summary: Daichi(Yamada Ryosuke) works as a chef in a weird restaurant. Hayato (Chinen Yuri), Daichi’s lover/wife takes away all his money to satisfy his fanboy needs that result for them to have a daily row. Surprisingly, they have a son which they named Shuuya (Nishii Yukito). Shuuya hates to see his parents having a fight so in order to have revenge on his father’s behalf; he kills all the crazy fans that have the same fandom with Hayato. But one day, he sees Daichi with some other tall man; thinking that his father is having an affair, it nearly pushes him on sending Daichi to death. Will Shuuya’s killing continue up to the end?

Prologue | My Best Friend's Request

Be her what? )
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Ako'y nagbabalik sa mundo ng Tag Fic. xDD

Andami talagang issues ngayon kay Yamadaaaaa. Naiinis ako. Gusto ko na nga mag switch kay Chinen kaso ayaw ng puso't isip ko HAHAHA.
Kahit ganyon Leche lakas ng tama ko sa matabang yon. Shet. Tama na ang drama ko . xDD

Titulo: Ulan
May Akda: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06 

Labtim: YamaChii at wala ng iba.

Bilang: 913

Gendre: Malandi at medyo badudels

MTRCB: Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

Buod: Ang kwento sa likod ng mga pag ulan.

Pinasan nya ko kasi maputik ayaw nia daw madumihan prinsesa nya )


Titulo: Ang Echuserang DJ

May Akda: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06 

Labtim: YamaChii na sinawsawan ng YamaShi, UmiChii at ng konting NakaShi

Bilang:  1 164

MTRCB: Menor De Edad

Gendre: Kadramahan kuno nila sa Buhay + Landiian

Buod: Alam ng DJ sa party kung ano ang team song ng YamaChii.

Ano ba Ryosuke , kita mo ng nagsasayaw kami ni Umi-chan bastusin ka naman eh )
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Title: "Who probably does Hikaru loves the most?" Game~
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06 
Pairings: YabuHikaNoo (main), YamaChii, Takaki x Hikaru
Genre: love triangle? Semi-Angst, Crack,Unbeta-ed Anti-Bieber lol
Word count:
Summary: Inoo and Yabu want to know who between them Hikaru loves more.
A/N: This might remind you a certain anime, so be aware. :DD

Let's play 'Dare ga Hikaru-kun no ichiban deshou ka" game~! )

The Master

Jun. 20th, 2010 04:07 pm
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Title: The Master
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06 
Pairing: A little YamaChii and NakaShi
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff? Crack
Summary: Daiki used to be the master until he got DC, Chinen wants to be the ichigo princess, Yuto have done something wrong to Mirai but he could not remember what was it, Kamiki revealed that he is a man-eater, Shougo just passed by.
A/N: I just find that iDate is so addicting, and this just popped up on my head while I was playing earlier. So this is a rushed, un-beta and most of all, FAIL.

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