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Title: White Crayon [1/3]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: YamaChii, AriYama, TaDaiki, YamaUmi and a secret pairing
Summary: He has been watching him for a long time without being noticed. He loves him so much but his love never reached him. He can't see him; he is just like a white crayon that is inscribed in a white paper.  
AN:  For [livejournal.com profile] hwangtinglee because it was her birthday 3 days ago. :) Belated happy birthday Reichan. Love you chuuu~ <3



Everything was black, nothing to see, nothing to be found. Hollow. Dreary.


He heard it again. Over and over again. Playing like it was on a replay, with the voice he heard before. The voice - that voice, is such like an angel's. He haven't yet talked to an angel to know how their voices sound like, he just can say that it is.


Dare? He wants to know who's calling his name, the one who is calling him when he's sleeping, and the voice he only hears in his dreams.


"Itte~". He groaned after he fell on the couch where he was sleeping at. He saw another dream again but he couldn't remember what it was. He couldn't recall if he was chasing someone that caused him to fall; all he could remember is that voice who's sweetly pronouncing his name.

"Yama-chan daijoubu?" his best friend, Daiki asked as they witnessed how his butt landed on the floor. He remember that he was originally reading the new shounen-manga that he bought before he doze off to dreamland while his friends, Daiki and Yuya were playing jenga.
"Aww. You ruined our game, pig!" Yuya cursed as the jenga blocks collapsed when he fell near the table. "I was about to win!"
"Shut up. Bakaki." he groaned rubbing his butt as he slowly stands up and sits on the same couch.
"Have dreamt of it again?" Daiki asked as he nodded. "Oboeru?"
He shook his head at that time, "oboenai".

Ryosuke has been having weird dreams lately and every time he tries to recall what his dream is all about, he can’t. He just can't. It's like that the person calling him would erase it on his memory before Ryosuke could open both of his eyes.

" I think you need a counseling Yama-chan, you might have gotten psycho." Yuya started again as a joke, receiving a flying cushion from the younger one.
"You're the one who seems psychotic here, Bakaki."

Ryosuke and Yuya always do have such childish teasing like this, but they actually are good friends, together with a penguin disguised in a human body named Daiki. Daiki is a childhood friend of Ryosuke, while they only meet Yuya when they entered middle school but still in a good relationship until they become college students. Yuya is the eldest one but his mental age is more childish than those two.

"But what if..." Daiki thinks of anything he could say that could complete his what if thought as he twirls his finger on his curly but adorable brown hair, "that person is your soul mate?"
"That's impossible Daiki. I told you, stop reading too much manga from Ryosuke, your imagination is far from reality. Seriously guys, at least lessen your time reading manga." Yuya adviced like a concerned citizen and started pitching up the blocks again.
Yamada picked the manga that was laid on the floor and read the words that's written on the page where it's opened. "unmei no hito tte..."
Daiki heard him murmured, "You think so?"
"Of course not. Yuya's right. Such thing is impossible." he said as Yuya showed a victory grin while the penguin shrugged and had another game with Yuya.
"That's impossible..." Yamada was on his thoughts while watching his two precious friends having a good time with their game. "It's not that I don't believe in soulmate. It's that... I... don't want anyone to be my unmei no hito aside from ... you." he silently watch Daiki while the penguin was doing his tactics to pull and get a better block with the eldest one.

His thoughts were interrupted when someone opened the door in the living room where the three boys were in.
"Tadaima." a pretty girl with her medium-length hair entered with a sweet smile on her angelic face. She has her hair down while her bangs were neatly arranged on her forehead making her look younger.
"You're a bit early today Umi. Don't tell me you skipped class?" the penguin asked.
"Nii-chan, I did not. There was a faculty meeting at school so they dismissed us early." Arioka Umika, Daiki's younger sister explained. “I never skipped class and never will."
"Just don't mind your brother Umi-chan, he just based it on his experience that's why he's asking, ne Dai-chan?" Yuya teased.
"I only did it once." the penguin stated, "and it's because you suddenly pulled me out for a party of your classmate whom I'm not close to ... I don't even know his name."
"Yuya-kun did that to you nii-chan?" Umika chuckled as his brother nodded and Yamada shook his head for disbelief but look at her when the chubby cheeked guy heard her cute chuckle that resulted for her to have a slight tint of pink on her cheeks. She looked down as she felt her cheeks burning and hurriedly went upstairs going to her room. "s-sumimasen."
Ryosuke's eyes followed her until she got out of his sight.
"oi Yamada Ryosuke!", Daiki howled, "why are you looking at my sister that way?"
"E-eh?", he was taken aback. "Nandemonai. I was only trying to imagine how will she look like if she'll have the same curly hair as yours.", he told them, and it was actually the truth.
"Really?" the penguin wanted to make sure. Yamada nodded. "Nothing more, nothing less. And besides, Umi-chan is like a younger sister to me."
Yuya suddenly played with Daiki's hair as he ruffled those curly strands of the penguin's hair, "aww. Daiki-niichan such an overprotective brother ne~"
"Of course I am. And stop calling me nii-chan, it gives me goosebump, it's not cute of you." he whacked Yuya's arm and pinched it earning a whine from the older one.
"It hurts Daiki. Stop it or I’ll ransack your Pocky.!"
"Ah!" the penguin stopped on harassing the eldest fleshy arm when he remembers something that was so important for him. "Speaking of Pocky! I don't have anything left on my storage so I asked Umi to buy me atleast a piece but she might have forgotten to give it to me when I accused her for cutting class.”
“You should apologize to her Dai-niichan for you to get your precious snacks.” Yuya teased again. Daiki shook his head for disagreement, “ I have a very kind sister, I know I won’t be needing to do your advice Bakaki.”
“Will you guys stop on calling me Bakaki?! I am not as stupid as you guys think.” the tallest brunette beseeched.
“Whatever Bakaki~!” Daiki stuck his tongue out just to make fun of his friend still as Yuya pouted like a kid and sat on a corner drawing circles and sulked. “You’re not only baka but also so childish Yuya. Seriously, how old are you?” the penguin sighed, he think they should stop teasing each other or Yuya will not talk to them again for one day if he keeps on sulking. “Ryosuke, can I ask you a favor?”
Of course Yamada could never say no to his bestfriend, “Can you get my Pocky from Umi for me? You see, I need to tame somebody here.”
The youngest one sniggered, “Sure, no problem. Just share me some okay? And be careful not to be bitten by somebody there.”

Umika was just done changing clothes when she heard a knock on the door of her room. “Chotto.” She gently affirmed as she finished combing her silky hair. As she opened the door, she got a bit surprise to see Yamada standing in front of her who greeted her with his bright and adorable smile. “Yo~.”
“Y-Yamada-kun?”, she stammered as she was not expecting to see the handsome guy and didn’t expect that it was him who was knocking earlier, she thought that it was his brother. “What brought you here?”
“Umm. Actually, your penguin brother just asked me to get his favorite snacks from you.” he stated.
“Ah. Niichan ga hontou …”
“Ne, Umi-chan.” he called.
“Don’t call me like that. Yamada-kun sounds so formal; I’m your brother’s best friend so you are not something else for me. You are like my younger sister too, so I don’t mind if you call me Ryosuke-nii. But, won’t you mind doing so?”
“E-eh?”, Umika could feel her cheeks burning again. Ryosuke has been kind to her, that’s why she feels something for her brother’s best friend. And Ryosuke is a handsome guy too so it is not impossible for her to have a crush on him. It is just a crush – an admiration. “H-hai. Yama… I mean Ryosuke-nii.”
Ryosuke smiled, and gently ruffled Umika’s hair, “Very good imouto.”
Umika bit her lower lip of course not letting his Ryosuke-nii to see that as she was looking at the floor when Ryosuke put her hair on a mess after she had fixed it for some minutes. “By the way, have a seat first, my bag is really jammed and I put his snack on the bottom most.”
Ryosuke followed her as she was trying to look composed in front of chubby cheeked guy. Ryosuke sat near the kotatsu as he waited for Umika to get the snack out of her bag. His eyes were wandering around the cute girl’s room until a picture frame caught his attention and at the same time, Arioka’s little princess had the snacks on her hand.
“Ya-, Ryosuke-niichan here~.” she stretched her hands giving it to the brown hair guy.
“Arigatou na. You’re brother must be starving right now.”, he laughed.
Umika chuckled cutely. “Probably.”
“Ne, Umi-chan can I ask something?”
Hesitantly she answered, “Un. Nani?”
“Who is that guy in that picture?”, the brown hair guy asked pointing to the picture that was placed on the little girl’s side table. He knows that he should have not asked it, but he was just curious because he was a bit familiar about the guy whom is with her on the picture. “Your boyfriend?”
Umika’s cheeks flushed more, “He was my boyfriend.”
“Your ex-boyfriend, you mean?”
Umika nodded.
“You still love him, don’t you? Because if you don’t, you should have kept it on somewhere you will not see right?” Ryosuke asked again, Umika nodded.
“What happened then?” Ryosuke kept on asking, but as he looked at Umika he felt that it was not the right thing to talk about. “Oh. I’m sorry, I should have not asked.”
“He was killed two years ago.” Umika murmured, tear suddenly fell from her left cheek but she wiped it right away. “I-I’m sorry for being a cry ba-”
Ryosuke patted Umika on her head like a real brother of her, “No, I should be the one saying sorry for being insensitive. Gomen ne.”
Umika just shook her head to show that it really was okay for her. She thought she already has moved on and that she could talk about his ex-boyfriend again, but she was wrong. She still loves him and forever will.
“I guess I really need to go downstairs now. I need to check your brother if he’s still breathing normally without his Pocky.”

“Ryosuke what took you so long?!”
Yamada jolted when Daiki suddenly cried out when he came back to the living room. “Just had some talk with your sister, Sorry. But here, I got your Pocky” he passed the snack on his best friend who seems so excited like a kid who was about to get his first candy.
“Thanks Yama-chan. Here’s your share for doing my favor.” he got a stick and gave it to the youngest one.
Ryosuke raised his brow, “Wow Daiki, you’re so generous. Thank you very much.” he grunted.

After a long day spending his whole day with his friends, Ryosuke fell asleep at once when he arrived home and jumped in on his king sized and comfy bed that he was not even aware that he had fallen asleep immediately while he was trying to recall when and where did he meet Umika’s ex-boyfriend. He was so sure that he met him already, he just couldn’t remember it. And just like how fast he had fallen asleep, his dream showed again.


But this time, it was not only a voice. It was not as dark as before. He could see light and he could see the person who’s been calling him on his dreams, if only – if only the light wasn’t too bright, maybe he could see that person's face. “Ryosuke…”
“Who are you?” he asked on that mysterious person while he was on his mysterious dream.
“I… I am…”

I started another chapter fic. omg.
I hope I can finish this as fast as possible and that it will not turn out like my last chapter fic that’s been in hiatus for many months. xD
This is also the first time I used various OTP.  I’m going to use five pairs and Ryosuke-nii got on 3 pairs out of 5. omg so much to do with affair hahah or he is just too popular like what he is in rl. =D
Sorry there is no YamaChii for this chapter
Chinen is still busy decorating his house with Ohno’s stuffs, I mean putting Christmas decors in their house
and of course planning for his Christmas date with Yama-chan, tho it should be the other way around!
If you happen to figure out who is the mysterious person in Yamada’s dream,
can you keep it as a secret? Because I still haven’t guessed who it is, so don’t spoil me heheheheh
How sure you are that it is Chii?
Scroll up again and check what I put on the Pairing. There’s a “secret pairing” ne, so it might be another person.
Clue: He/She is taller than Umi-chan.
So it can also be Mariya-chan because I also ship YamaRiya deshou or it can also be Yuti but I don’t prefer xP
Comments and criticisms are welcome.
I love anyone who reads my stories even if you are a silent reader but I will appreciate it more if you’ll leave a comment.
Let’s talk okay. Communication is important, heheh,
Advance Merry Christmas~
Be sure to wrap my gift and send it to me. XD
Belated Happy Birthday again Rei-chan, I am so happy that we became friends.
Love you so much. Sorry I don't have any gift to give aside from this fic heheh.

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I'm not shipping YamaRiya or anyone with the pig .
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Ahh so lucky~ I want to call him Ryosuke-nii too, Ryosuke-nii, Ryosuke-nii lol
So many question in my head, I shall stalk you for the next part. Really Nodoka-chan story is hard for me to resist. ah btw Dai-chan is choo cute. Penguin boy hehe..
I have some guess, for the secret pairing too, and it’s Yuri who is Ryosuke no unmei no hito <3 deshouuu

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Ryosuke-nii Ryosuke-nii, Nana-chan wants to be your little sister dakara be nice to her
I know Ryosukenii will not mind just bribe him with strawberries xD
But did it confuse you?
Dont worry I've posted an update, one of your question might have been answered on the 2nd part
Daiki is always cute, but Chinen is cuter xDD
Nana-chan if you happen to read this and you haven't seen my update.
can you tell me your guess about the secret pairing?
But I might have been spoiled in your Friends page xD
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