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Title: White Crayon [3/?]
Author Sayashi Riho
Pairing: YamaChii, UmiChii [for this chapter], AriYama, TaDaiki, YamaUmi [maybe later, please come again]
Summary: He has been watching him for a long time without being noticed. He loves him so much but his love never reached him. He can't see him; he is just like a white crayon that is inscribed in a white paper.  
A/N: this is a flashback.


Previous Chapter

It was a silent night, everyone was at their homes probably they’re all in their slumber as nobody could be seen outside. The moon was on its brightness while the lamp post in every corner helps the moon on giving illumination. Only the sound of the crickets could be heard on that night, it was so quiet that you could even heard the tickling sound of the alarm clock on Umika’s room if you’re there. But the little girl was on a deep sleep that it didn’t bother her, but there was some other thing troubling her instead – inside her dreams, and it was like the alarm clock was trying to wake her up by producing a sound – chikutaku chikutaku. “Yuri-chan…”, and that’s the reason or rather, he was the reason for Umika’s sweat all over her beautiful face whilst her both eyes were closed and was not aware that everything she had seen were not true, well maybe a part of it was true for the reason that it was a fraction of her past – their past.

“ikanaide … onegai…”

Tears formed at the corner of her shut eyes, clenching on her blanket which was covering her from cold. “Yuri!”, she grasped as she sprang with a bleak sweat gradually oozing down from her temple. She bit her lower lip thinking that it could cease her to cry harder, she didn’t even know what to feel. Should she be happy? Happy because for those 2 sad years, it was then when she saw him again, him - the guy which he loved most, but at the same time the one who hurt her most. Should she get mad? Upset? Scared? Hurt? Because for the second time, she had seen him left once again, leaving her all alone and leaving her heart awfully broken.

Every students have their own favorite spot in school, and just like what we most seen on TV and specially in manga, Umikc’s favorite spot would be no other than the rooftop. It feels so calm whenever she’s there, watching the students from above and smiles whenever she sits on the bench that was placed there and will look up at the blue sky. It feels like the world was spinning on her, that it was the world which goes along with her, going with her flaws and not the other way around. It was so peaceful that sometimes she thinks she wants to die there when her time comes.
“I know you’d be here, Umi.”, and at the same time, it was also the place where lots of beautiful memories were made. “Yuri-chan.” she smiled when her beloved boyfriend arrived on their favorite spot. Umika was on her 8th grade while her boyfriend was already in 9th grade. Yuri was a transfer student when Umika was still a freshman and accidentally met at the soccer field when the soccer ball hits Umika exactly on her face and it was Yuri who kicked the ball. Her nose bleed on that incident, and Yuri didn’t waste any second to take her to the infirmary being carried like a bride.

“What do you have there in your back, huh?”, she asked squinting a bit when she noticed that her chibi boyfriend was trying to hide something on his back. Yuri tried to put it out of her sight as much as possible not sure if his girl would love whatever he had on his back. “Nothing. I was handcuffed umm yea right because I had an encounter with a police earlier and got arrested for possessing an illegal cuteness surrounding me all over.”
“Stupid.” she giggled.
Yuri chuckled so that he would not be nervous. He was already nervous; he just wanted to feel better and confident. Umika kept on staring at her with that bright and lovely smile plastered on her face. She knows that Yuri would soon give up and would show her the thing he had been hiding. “Umm…”, Yuri looked at her then looked down, his cheeks were burning and he was sure he was blushing. “Anou …”, and Umika kept still on her stare with those vivid smile and tilted her head not having any idea what her boyfriend was up into. Her eyes grew wide when Yuri slowly pulled his hands out of his back revealing a bouquet of pink roses, her heart skipped a thousand of beats when Yuri said that it was for her, “Happy Birthday.”, he whispered on her, with a vivid smile and he blushed more at the same time making him cuter. Umika was so surprise that Yuri remembered her birthday now that they were only a couple for some months, while she almost forgot her own birthday. “A-arigatou … Yuri.”, she expressed her thanks as the diamond-like tears fell on her eyes going on her cheeks. She was so grateful for that day, and was so happy that she was with the most special person on her life on her special day.

Umika thought that they would stay like that forever. That no matter happens, Yuri will always be there for her, that he will never leave her all alone as they promised they will never leave each other side, loving endlessly. And she’s holding on to that promise, but it seems like every promise are really mend to be broken.

She was starting to doubt on him that he has another one, or rather worse, he already has a new one, and it hurts her so much. She was not sure because she haven’t seen him going out with some other girls but how could she be sure of that now that they were not classmate because Yuri is older than her. What if he’s secretly dating a senpai and having an affair? Because she can feel it, even Yuri was not telling her, of course, who would tell to his partner that he is having an affair? No one would do such right? True, that Yuri was her first love, her first boyfriend but it would not mean that she knows nothing about love since she haven’t had any experience before him, but Umika is smart not to feel that Yuri has changed. That way he treats her has changed still not in a bad way. Yuri wasn’t hurting her physically but he was hurting her emotionally. He’s always not in himself when they were together; he would only smile when Umika sees him on that situation and would not tell her what’s bothering him. It’s like, he was hiding something from her again, and it was not like before when it was so easy for Umika to persuade his boyfriend to tell or show it to her, and it’s breaking her heart to know that another promise had broken and it was the promise of never keeping a secret from each other. “Yuri, tell me what’s wrong?”, it was her text message to him but Yuri stayed on keeping it from her, “I told you, it’s nothing.” For somehow, she wanted to believe him, simply because she loves him and that’s enough reason for her to trust him and his words and to hold on in their relationship.

But the day that she’s most afraid of came. The classes were over and the two were on the school’s rooftop. Umika thought that Yuri would open up to her because he was the one who told her to go there because he has something important to discuss.

“Let’s break up.”

And that’s the most painful words that she had heard ever since. Her smile turned into a wry and her palm turned into a fist. “Doushite?”. she asked with her voice all cracked trying her utmost to look composed. She doesn’t understand even a bit why did they turn out like that. Yuri is a nice person and he has been nice to everyone and it’s not hard for her to love him. And she thought that it could also be the reason, because you can easily love him and somebody just did and Yuri might find her more interesting. She should have not been thinking such absurd thing as her heart was shattering; she was in a severe pain, all she wanted to know is the real reason though she’s aware that she might break down when Yuri would tell her that he loves somebody else. “Tell me … onegai.”, She heard no answer but he felt his arms wrapped around her, it was warm, she feels so safe. She wanted to stay there forever but it seemed that it would not happen, “I’m sorry.”, he whispered on her ears as a drop of tear fell on her uniform but she didn’t sense it as she was already breaking down on his shoulder, crying as hard as she can, punching him on his chest weakly, she was so weak knowing that Yuri was no longer hers now that he was her strength. She drenched his uniform with her unstoppable crystallized tears as she kept on cursing the little guy who had abandoned her heart which she gave to him to take care of. “Dou...shite…tte?

And the sky which was blue slowly turned into orange as it turned into a gloomy day whilst Yuri kept on with his silence not telling Umika his genuine reason for their break up and it happened on the place where they had shared their times together and made their beautiful memories, but at that time it also became the place where Umika had her most painful memory at all.


While on Yamada’s house, Ryosuke rouse from his bed to go to the bathroom to reduce some waste from his body because he had eaten too much for the whole day. It was really troublesome for him to wake up in the middle of the night because it was so dark and he’s a bit scared of it. As he finished his job and turned off the light on the toilet his eyes were shut close already while he was on his way on his comfy bed until someone called his name, “Ryosuke.”
And when he opened his eyes and saw who it was, it made not only himself to be completely awaken but his blood seemed like it was also bewildered. “Ch-Chi… Chinen?!?!!”, his eyes became big as owl’s and his jaw almost drop on the floor and his face got pale trying not to believe on what he’s seeing. “ I am just dreaming right?”, so as to confirm whether he’s dreaming or not he pinched both of his fluffy cheeks and bit his lips.

“This is not a dream.”, Chinen verified smiling at the now pale guy which only gave him millions of goose bumps. Yamada was all scared because Chinen is already dead and he’s sure that his third eye is not open so how could he see ghost , specially such beautiful ghost; or is it really a ghost? It could be that he is not but actually an angel that is sent from above. “NO! I KNOW I’M DREAMING SO STOP SCARING ME AND LET ME WAK – ”


Chinen’s lips locked on his, and surprisingly, he loves how Chinen’s lips taste like. But, it is really possible to kiss a ghost? Or maybe, he really is an angel. And as their lips touched each others’ everything went black.


Ryosuke’s clock was raging on its alarm when the time strikes 8:00 am. It seemed he’s in a deep sleep that it couldn’t disturb him until it fell on his head like someone deliberately dropped it on him. “Itte tte tte”, he rubbed his head that was hit by his noisy alarm clock and put it back on his side table. He slowly and stubbornly open his eyes, and blinked as he remembered what happened last night which he believes was only a dream. He touched his lips and unconsciously smiled but then shook it off thinking that he has gotten crazy. “That was just a dream.”

“I told you, it wasn’t.”

And he fell on his bed, with his butt first.


First of all I want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas though it was already late. :<
So I’ll greet you in advance in case I could not go online in New Year, Akemashite Omedetouuuuu~!!
So now we knew UmiChii’s past … Chinen how dare you do that to Umichan?!?
I’m sure some of you already know the reason. This chapter is so hinted!
Silly Chinen for kissing Yamada while he was on his super shock state
It’s so obvious he really enjoyed the kiss ne
He’s smiling like an idiot when the morning came hahah
What do you think about Chinen? Do you think he is a ghost or an angel? =))

I've only type this by now and didn't do proofread so there might be some mistake on using his and he because I'm not use on pairing them to girls when it comes to fic hahah I'm sure fellow fujoshi writers encounter this kind of problem too. xD

Comments are very well appreciated; it will not cost you anything.
Thank you very much.

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