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Aug. 2nd, 2013 05:55 pm
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Title: Not Blue
Author: [ profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Clumsy Yamada x Brainy Chinen
Type: Drabble
Summary: The reason why Clumsy doesn't eat tomato is that it isn't blue

        “I can’t wait to taste you Brainy, err … I mean I can’t wait to taste your cooking!”, Clumsy said.  He was blindfolded and was waiting for Brainy’s first ever dish to be cooked. His boyfriend surely has this impressive intelligence all over his brain but he was lacking when it comes to cooking and the like so Brainy Smurf asked Baker Smurf to teach him some of the basic so that he could prepare something for his clumsy boyfriend.
        “Don’t be so smurfrantic Clumsy. It’s almost ready! Promise me, you’ll eat this even if it tastes bad okay?” Brainy asked. He mixed all the necessary ingredients and transfers the food to a bowl. “I promise.I will eat everything you cook. Promise!!” Clumsy replied as he smelled the aroma coming from it. Brainy placed the food onto the table and removed the blindfold on Clumsy.
The wide smile on Clumsy’s face suddenly turned into a scowl when he saw the food in front of him. It was a bowl full of tomatoes – the fruit he hates the most. “Wh-what is this?!?”
“Tomato Smurfsalad!!!” Brainy exclaimed. He scoops some amount wanting to feed Clumsy. “You have just promised you’ll eat EVERYTHING.” he emphasized.
“But- but Brainy. You know that I don’t eat tomatoes!” He trembled with fears, pushing the spoon away from his face.
“And why? I can’t seem to understand you.”
“Because tomatoes aren’t BLUE, there’s no way for me to eat that. I’m sorry Brainy, I just can’t!” he jumped off the chair and bowed. He really didn’t want to reject Brainy’s first ever dish but the choice of the main ingredient is a no-no.
“Who would gonna eat this then?” Brainy was really upset. He tried his best chopping all the tomatoes with the same sizes and risks his precious life to get those red fruits near Gargamel’s dungeon.
“Papa Smurf?” he suggested.
“NO! I WANT YOU TO EAT THIS CLUMSY. I’M GOING TO HAVE YOU EAT THIS!!!!” Brainy carried the bowl and was so serious on what he said. “YOU’RE GOING TO EAT THIS!”
“Oh no!  This is bad! This is really bad!” Clumsy declared before he ran away.
“Come hereeeeeeeeeeeee” Brainy called to him, scampering so that he could pass Clumsy’s speed.

          Clumsy kept on running until he got a head start into the forest. When he reached the fork in the road, he wasn’t sure which way to go. He looked at the right path and it’s the way to the forest, and when he looked at the left it was a leaf-covered road. He chose to go to the left, following a sign half-covered with leaves that is read, GO THIS WAY without even thinking. A few seconds later, Brainy reached the fork panting. “Okay Clumsy, I’m tired, I will not force you to eat this anymore, so stop running and let’s go back to my mushroom!”Wind suddenly blew, blowing off the leaves which covered the half of the sign, revealing what his klutzy boyfriend unfortunately had missed: DO NOT GO THIS WAY.

        “Clumsy!!!!” Brainy once again called out to him, “You’re going the wrong way!”, He hurried after Clumsy despite the sign. He was feeling guilty. But as he’s getting farther he was seeing signs which were more frightening than what he saw on the entrance. They read FORBIDDEN GROTTO, CERTAIN DEATH and WE MEAN IT. “This is unbelievable! Clumsy, please stop!”
Clumsy looked back not saying anything. Brainy still has the bowl of tomato salad with him and it made him to run even faster.
Brainy shook his head, “Gosh. This is a predicament!” he sighed and yet followed Clumsy, stepping cautiously into the dark, dark, dark cave.
Clumsy really had no intention to stop with his tracks until Brainy shouted, “I’d gonna break up with you if you will not stop and I MEAN IT!”
Hearing that, Clumsy stopped and looked back but he unfortunately lost his balance. It was too late when he realized that he had reached the end of the path, and a waterfall was waiting for him below. “Brainy!! help!!!”
Brainy dashed and stretched his arm to rescue Clumsy. “Hold my hand!” Clumsy did, but because of the salad, Brainy’s hand had cream over it and it has gotten wet. His hand slipped. Brainy tried to reach him again but failed and they both fell down,


Scream was heard inside the cave. Clumsy fell first making Brainy to fall on top of him. He felt something smooth and moist landed on his lips. His surrounding was covered with darkness.

“Fu fu fu fu~”

Those stifled laughs made Ryosuke to awake from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes and saw the other JUMP members trying their utmost not to laugh. Ryosuke felt something smooth and moist on his lips. He was aware that he was dreaming earlier and he thought that it might be Chinen Yuri who stole a kiss from him while he was sleeping but he thought wrong when he saw Yuri sitting innocently beside him. Confused, he chew that thing on his mouth and abruptly throw it up the moment he got familiar to the texture especially the taste. “Pheww!” He sprang up on the couch and asked, “Who the hell put tomato on my mouth?!”
He received no answer but 7 pairs of eyes were locked at the innocent Chinen Yuri.

Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)!!! HISASHIBURIIIIIII!! Is anyone excited for Smurf 2? Haven’t been active for some months, have anyone missed me? Teheee~
This might be my last fic cuz I’m losing motivation (*´Д`)=з lol I wonder if I really do have readers there orz
Comments are really appreciated and might motivate me
From the meantime I’m a lurker.  Jaa ε=ε=ε= ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

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