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Title: Clumsy is Mine!
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen, Inoo/Yabu (if you squint)
Type: Drabble
Rating: G
Summary: Gargamel kidnapped Clumsy Smurf!

Yamada as Clumsy Smurf
Chinen as Brainy Smurf
Inoo <girl> as Mama Smurf
Yabu as Papa Smurf
Gargamel as *some text missing*

  “Once every three hundred and sixty-five days, a Blue Moon raises that infuses the Smurf world with magic, love, and blueness.” Narrator Smurf reported from outside Papa’s mushroom house. He walked up to Papa’s window, peeked inside to see what Papa smurf was doing then continued speaking on his TV camera. “During this time, Papa is able to summon a vision of the future. This is very cool!”
  Papa smurf was inside his laboratory doing his spell, with a steel cauldron that was placed in top of a raging fire. White steam rose from the boiling potion. “strand of Mama’s hair I got when we’re taking the shower earlier.” Papa Smurf said to himself grinning as he reviewed the recipe and as he remembered what he and Mama did inside the shower this morning. “And the last of my Smurfroot…” Papa Smurf then tossed his last piece of Smurfroot into the cauldron, “ I must get the visioning potion just in time. The magic is always strongest during the Blue Moon!”
  A fizzy haze appeared over the cauldron and a vision was seen. The Smurfs are smiling, dancing and singing on the vision with each of them handing a basket full of Smurfberries. “ So far, so good.” Papa Smurf happily said. “Lots of smiles and Smurfberries. Clumsy sitting next to Brainy. That’s always good.”


  Suddenly, an explosion rocked the pot and a black shadowy smoke wafted out from the potion. “Are? What’s happening?” he exclaimed, stepping back as his narrowed eyes grew big as he got horrified on a bad vision that came out from the potion. It began with a sinister hand holding a drum stick which is used as a dragon wand. Then there was a grainy image of Clumsy trying to catch something. “ I got it! I got it!” But no, Clumsy missed whatever it was. It hit his hand and bounced away. “Clumsy.” The name came out as a whisper. Papa trembled with fear. He knew he was seeing a forecast of the future. And then the vision changed. A scary gray medieval castle rose from the cauldron. Papa could see a chilly and creepy dungeon filled with terrifying musical instruments, drums to be exact. Papa’s eyes grew wider when he saw Brainy crying behind one of the drums, his eyes were so red and swollen. He looked so fragile. “Help Papa! Mama! save me from this evil world! Save Clumsy! Papa! Mama! tasukete … onegai! “ Brainy cried on the vision.
  “Oh my poor little Brainy.” Papa said, “Oh Clumsy,” Papa moaned, “What have you done to our lovely Brainy?”


  About an hour later, Mama Smurf came back to their house with a basket full of fresh Smurfroot. “So what did you see in your vision, Papa?.” Mama Smurf asked. Her voice is full of excitement. Papa Smurf didn’t know how to reply, he doesn’t want to scare his lovely wife. “No- nothing my dear … It’s perfect, as usual.”
  “Perfect!” Mama said joyfully, hugging Papa.”Another year we don’t need to worry about that mean ol-“

“GARGAMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!” Clumsy Smurf screeched out as he ran by.
“I know who she meant, Clumsy,” Papa called after him.
Clumsy was so frightened that he could barely breathe, “No. NO GAR-GARGAMEL!!!” He pointed a trembling finger toward the trees when the beanstalk was lagging with. “ I mighta, kinda, sorta, led him to the village!”
Papa and Mama were shocked to see the giant wizard toward them holding a drum stick with a net attached on it.
“Hi Smurfs!” Hi grinned showing his crooked teeth. Gargamel stomped his big feet through the town, crushing everything in his path.

  Brainy came out from his mushroom when he heard Clumsy screeched. He was stunned to see Gargamel and the rest of the Smurfs started to get panicked. “Clumsy over here!!” He called Clumsy to get his attention. He knew that by now, he has gotten crazy and doesn’t know where to go.”
  “OHH MY GOD BRAINY I’M SO SCAREDDDDD!!!!!” He ran to Brainy but there was a piece of Smurfberry on the ground and tripped on it. “Ittaiii!” he bounced and bounced and bounced.

  Gargamel laughed on how Clumsy bounced up and down and up and down as he raised his net. “You are mine now Clumsy!” he laughed loudly in an evil wizard’s cackle as the net swooped down.


“Yuri, Yuri. oi!” Yamada was trying to wake little Chinen who was sleeping soundly on the coach by shaking the small boy’s frame. Chinen had been sleep-talking. Yamada found it cute at first, because Chinen seemed like a baby who was trying to learn a new word and was smiling adorably on his sleep until the sleeping beauty suddenly formed a pout and started sobbing. “Wake up.”
Chinen finally opened his now damped eyes. “Ku-kuramshii! You’re safe!” he wept as he hug Yamada tightly, closing the gap between them. “I thought … I thought Gargamel caught you huhuhu.”
“Ssshhh.” Yamada caressed his boyfriend’s back. “It was just a dream Yuri. You see, I’m here. Stop crying my princess.” he slightly pulled back just to wipe the tears on the little boy’s eyes and pecked his lips letting him feel that he was there, and never been away from him. “And who is that Gargamel? I’m going to punch him for making my pretty princess cry! I’ll make him pay for scaring you in your dream.”
Chinen sniffed once more, and then rubbed his eyes. He looked around the dressing room.

“Yama-chan, what’s wrong with Chii? Why is he crying?” Yuto walked up to them and asked in a worried voice. “Everyone is worried.”

Chinen gasped and he pounced at Yamada, hugging him much tighter than before. He looked to the taller guy and puffed his cheeks. “CLUMSY IS MINE!!”

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