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Yumalicious has finally come back!

- YamaChii is already aware that Yuma is a shipper.
- Yuma is annoyed with someone.
- Yuma’s feeling when Yumalicious went on hiatus.
- Yamada once confessed to a tomato.
- Chinen gets jealous over someone.
- NYC will become FYC?

Make sure to read my personal notes on some parts xD

YamaChii luv luv here. )
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Title: Holding Hand and Hand
Author:[livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada x Chinen
Summary: Love is never about finding the hand that perfectly fits yours. It's about finding that one person who is willing to hold hands no matter how unfit it may be.
Words: 3,856
A/N: Songfic obviously inspired from Tsunagu Te To Te.

Just believe. Those words are meaningful )

hai hai you've read it right. I'll be on semi-hiatus again. As you may noticed I haven't been updating lately.
Ber month has started deshou? and that means JLPT. So yeah, I need to review and study nihongo again, I need to improveeeeee. But I still have my phone so I can still stay connected with you guys. Just nudge my journal if you're missing me that much xDD
Please remember my name n-o-d-o-k-a or j-a-s-s

And please don't forget to comment. :))
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Title: Will forever end?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
A/N: Hey people, I’m back. At last I’ve had the time to type. I’m starting to get busy in school, not as a student but as a part-time Japanese instructor, handling 8 different courses with 129 students in all, that’s not a joke by any means. And I'm still on semi-hiatus, remember? But the previous scans are just too great. YamaChii are back!! Finally we could see them again so close to each other (their body, to be specific. You know what I mean right? XD). Hope this will last forever!

Would you at least hold my hand?”  )
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Title: Puddle of Tears: Find me in the Rain
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Genre: drama
Summary: Love is like a rain, it can preserve from above, drenching couples with a soaking bliss. But sometimes under the enraged heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots keeping itself alive

He moved his sight around, in every corner, in every places, but his playmate, Chinen, is nowhere to find. )
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Title: Exceed the Storm 『Chapter 2: I need you by my side』
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing:Yamada/Chinen , Morimoto/Nishii
Rating: PG
Summary: Daichi(Yamada Ryosuke) works as a chef in a weird restaurant. Hayato (Chinen Yuri), Daichi’s lover/wife takes away all his money to satisfy his fanboy needs that result for them to have a daily row. Surprisingly, they have a son which they named Shuuya (Nishii Yukito). Shuuya hates to see his parents having a fight so in order to have revenge on his father’s behalf; he kills all the crazy fans that have the same fandom with Hayato. But one day, he sees Daichi with some other tall man; thinking that his father is having an affair, it nearly pushes him on sending Daichi to death. Will Shuuya’s killing continue up to the end?

Prologue | My Best Friend's Request

Be her what? )


Feb. 12th, 2012 04:04 pm
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Title: Wait
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Author: Fukuda Kanon / [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Genre: death, angst
Summary: Yamada has a car accident. Chinen knows about Yamada’s true feelings for him but it is already late. My summary sucks.
A/N: Actually a songfic, inspired by David Archuleta's Wait. *coughs*. I'm supposed to be watching some Jdoramas but due to my fail connection, I couldn't watch peacefully. 
- Rushed and unbeta-ed, so this might be boring. XDD

And it's never enough I'm waiting )
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This is my compilation of Translations, ConReps that has YamaChii love on it.
This is my side comments xD
Credits to all their respective translators.

Jan-Dec 2011 )

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Title: A New Life Waiting 「10/10」
Author: Narrator Smurf
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Summary:  The Wait is Over, オボァ~
Rating: G
Warning: M-PREG

Ch 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 / 9

1 message received )
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お誕生日おめでとう 田中 れいな!!

To my dearest you
A whole hearted Happy Birthday to you. BDケーキ
一途な Happy Birthday to You BDケーキ
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Yamada Ryosuke's 10 Girlfriend Requisites

4 Has a short hairstyle
I like short, brownish, and airy/fluffy hairstyles. Without thinking, they making me want to touch them and protect the girl.

7 Her eyes get smaller when she laughs/smiles 
Smiles should be genuine. A girl with big eyes that suddenly become thin/small is good.

translation (c) xxbubbleteaxx.

  • どのような女の子は、山田くんが好きドキドキですか?[A] ですか、[ B] ですか。



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Title: It all changed with that kiss.
Author: Tanaka Asami
Pairing: Chinen/Umika, Yamada/Umika, Yamada/Mariya
Rating: G
Summary:  Chinen does the trapeze, Yamada jumps over Daiki. Summary is over. 
A/N: I wonder my I'm too hook with `first-kisses` ff plot? (#1) 

Shamcey chuu~ xD )
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Teleserye [Title]: I Strawberry Love You: Paynal

Echoserang Frog [Author]: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06 

Zsa-Zsa Padilla [Genre]:  Katakawan pa rin ni Yamada

Takip sa Mata o Piring [Pairing]: YamaChii X Strawberriesssss

MTRCB [Rating]: Pambata

Sulating Pangwakas [Word Count]: Di ko alam pero maikli lang

Charo Santos [Summary]: Hindi na kinaya ni Kanon kaya katapusan na.

Pang-ookray[A/N]: Korni ito promise. Para lang matapos na ang kalokohang ito.

Unang Kabanata
Pangalawang Kabanata
Pangatlong Kabanata

( "Hayaan mo na sya Yamada ... set her free." )
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It makes me to think more that there will be a Shugo Chara Season 3 and Yume Tamago will be used as the OST, and the 3 of them would be Tadase's new guardian eggs, so he & Amu would have the same number of eggs Lol. What they are doing in the PV is like explaining what would be their character as an egg, i mean Yuma's ability is about music , Yamada's is about sports (though this sporty chara already existed on the story-- Kukai's egg, Daichi) and Chinen as a Pilot.. that would be ...
Plus making them as tiny creatures makes them to look more like a Guardian Eggs. Plus the childish tune of it... of c'mon Johnny, i think they're right... you should give nYC a cool song already, let them graduate on those childish song...
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Because of the datas that Seventeen shared to us, it makes me interested to get my body data also and be compared  lol.
Height164 cm147cm159cm
Head: vertically212022
         : Around5855.555.5
Ears: vertically665.5
        : horizontally332.5
Eyes: vertically1.211
eyesightR:0.2 L:0.2IDKR:0.9 L:0.7
width of mouth555.5
around biceps292222
length of arm66.56467
hands: vertically171616.5
dominant handRightRightLeft♥
around wrist15.51314.5
around bust817277
around waist67.56563
around hips888185.5
around the thigh514243
around the knees33.53232
around the ankles21.519.519.5
shoe size262226
length of the legs747071
shoulder width42.53742
height of nose2.31.8?2.5
height of forehead6.566
Overall, Pink wins!! Just like what I though, Chinen and I are lost siblings lmao, let me just dream of it okay.
But having same size of ears and mouth with Yamada is just sdhshdsd;'jfdshf
Chinen's biceps and mine are the same.. oh yeah because she is a princess xD

Kiss me hanasanai de

I just love Mai's curly hair, and the fact that Chisato is on the lead vocals !! ♥
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I made a tumblr account last night, but still I don't know who to follow.

And still it's very clean lol.

mind to follow me guys?


Sarappo~ xDD

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Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Tag at least 10 people and you can include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

My Life According To YUI )

Tagging no one Cause I'm lazy. Just do it if you want. :)


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