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Title: Will forever end?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
A/N: Hey people, I’m back. At last I’ve had the time to type. I’m starting to get busy in school, not as a student but as a part-time Japanese instructor, handling 8 different courses with 129 students in all, that’s not a joke by any means. And I'm still on semi-hiatus, remember? But the previous scans are just too great. YamaChii are back!! Finally we could see them again so close to each other (their body, to be specific. You know what I mean right? XD). Hope this will last forever!

Would you at least hold my hand?”  )
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Crossposting from itsmorefuninyamachiifandom
Due to YamaChii shippers insistent public demand.

Here's another OOC that came from their Guesting in Hey!Hey!Music Champ.

Yuma is still a shipper. XD 

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This is my compilation of Translations, ConReps that has YamaChii love on it.
This is my side comments xD
Credits to all their respective translators.

Jan-Dec 2011 )

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Title: Soramimi Cake
Author: Osaka Kasuga 

Pairing:  Yamada/ Chinen
Rating: G
A/N:  Five sets of YC drabbles that are surprisingly safe for little children to read.


『Tell me earlier next time.』

I want him to taste how the real strawberry tastes )

『What a shame』

extra service )

『What a bad day!』

because Inoo-mama & Hikka-papa are watching )

『I don’t have any time at all anymore.』

ごめん )

『I’ll be with you forever』

betsuni )
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Okay. So this is because they're the OTP of the month. ラブラブ

They also had the same victory on Yamada's month ラブラブ! and now for Chinen's month ...クラッカー


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 Title: A New Life Waiting [3/?]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06  
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke X Chinen Yuri
Genre: Love and Friendship
Rating: PG
Summary: Yamada and Chinen have having their relationship for so long but they kept it as a secret to Hey! Say! JUMP and to everyone. As they reveal their secret, something unexpected happens.
A/N: The sequel/behind the scenes/untold stories in/for "It's When I Kissed You"

Chapter 1/ Chapter 2

I'm not you're food, stop gazing at me like that )

A/N: Sorry If I'm still hanging you in this chapter. I promise I will write on the next chapter what's Chinen's true condition. This chapter has       already the hint, isn't it?? I wanna hear your guess XDD
BTW, Am I doing the story in a slow pace? I'm mean, is it getting boring??? Please tell me your opinions cause I would love to know               that. :))

PS: This trans really inspired me that I included it on this chapter XDD


I am close with Yama-chan, but once in a while we fought! It happens frequently. In a photoshoot session of a magazine, even though earlier we were making fun of each other, Yama-chan suddenly said [Chinen, do it properly], and my reaction was like “What’s the problem with you!”; it turned into small fight. At that time, I thought “Well, If I become myself, I have to act maturely!”. After that, I forgot about that fight immediately. Of course, conversely, there are times when we fight because of my fault. I think “Ah. I wonder if I said something bad to him?”, but I don’t remember that kind of time well, so I don’t mind it (laugh). Then because we just forget all the bad things immediately, our relationship returns to normal, that’s the secret of happiness.

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credits to the up-loader and second.

Just look where did Chinen lean his elbow :3


Dec. 1st, 2010 02:30 pm
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Titulo: Mayonnaise

Manunulat: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06 

 Pares: YamaChii at may konting OhgoJima at DaiSami, WALA munang UmiChii tsk.

 MTRCB: Kelan ba naging safe ang YamaChii sakin,pang MENOR DE EDAD lamang.

 Buod: May bagong kinahuhumalingan si Chinen na ikinaka-disgust ni Daiki.

 A/N: Naisip ko lang isulat at napansin ko panay pala ang papak ko ng mayonnaise lately.Masyado ata akong nasarapan dun sa mayo dip na ginawa namin nung nag fry kami ng fries. Di nakarecover? :))

Walang sabi sabi tinaas ni Yamada ang t-shirt ni Chinen at pinunasan ang likod nito na naging dahilan para makiliti ang batang malandi. )

Salamat sa pag babasa.

Natutuwa lang talaga ako sa OTp masyado silang sweet lalo na kagabi. Bwahahaha. >D

Y: I really, really, really love Chinen-kun.

C: I know~~


C: Do you know how much I think of you everyday? When I first wake up in the morning, in the middle of class, at work, my mind is just full of you. Our friendship might be ruined if I tell you this, but I want to let you know, I love you.

Y: Then let’s date.

C: Okay, lets go! Let’s start dating on my birthday!

Y: Let’s go out. Your fine with me, right?

Hayop. Sige kayooooooooo na sweet. Shettttttt. <3 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Just ignore the title.

This is a 5 in 1 + 1 YamaChii Drabbles that I made. :)

These are all safe .. so I'll only write the title and summary kk. :D

Title: Scrapbook
Words: 488
Summary: Some one has a scrap book but doesn't consider the things inside it as a scrap.


Title: Bed Spacer
Words: 179
Summary: Yamada's bed is too huge for him so he invited someone to occupy the excess space on it.

He told his mom that he would be a bed spacer for a night but didn't tell exactly where it was )

Title: Pillow
Words: 531
Summary: Yamada's darkest secret under his bedsheets revealed.

You've already seen this haven't you? )

Title: Lollipop
Words: 184
Summary: Yamada wanted to have the strawberry  flavored lollipop but Chinen laid a hand on it first.

"If I were you, I won't take that," Chinen whispered. )

Title: A Fanservice that's bad for Chinen's heart
Words: 371
Summary: Chinen was disappointed on Yamada's action.

"For your being unfaithful." he harshly retorted )

Extra Toppings. :)

YamaChii Ai + 1 )

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a late picture rants for HSJ guesting on SC , Ousama no branch and other various programs.
PURE PURE YAMACHII and pc-chan could not take their love and could not function normally yesterday so I'm only doing this now.

i just want to include this picture that was cropped from Potato 08 scan. It is a very small picture on the scan so just in case you did not see this, I'm showing this to you guyz. Chinen's topping Fufufufu~
To tell the truth, when it comes to scans and others stuffs including HSJ, I only look at YamaChii first and would look for this crazy little  thing called love xD . My eyesight turns to be so clear when it comes to YamaChii. :)))

YamaChii's semi-Public Display of Affection... )

BTW, I DEMAND U ALL TO WATCH [livejournal.com profile] chiyakenyu 's NOW I WONDER...  YamaChii fanfid. It's so AWESOMELY GOOD AND PURELY YAMACHII LOVE.

Their semi-PDA @ SC ... )

One of the reason why I always love Yamada is this.

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Yatta! i'm finally done doing as song for YamaChii., entitled BANIRA ICHIGO,.
inspired from one of my favorite song of Yui Horie. Vanilla Salt. xD
I had composed  a shorter version few months ago as if Chinen was singing that for Yamada. =]]]
It took long time for me to do this,. and I'm not sure if my grammar is correct ., please point me out my mistakes. =]]
If you're not familiar with the song, here's the mp3.


Music Playlist at MixPod.com


YamaChii dake nara.. honto RABU deshou.. )YAMACHII recording )
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