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Title: White Crayon [2/?]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: YamaChii, AriYama, TaDaiki, YamaUmi and a secret pairing  UmiChii
Summary: He has been watching him for a long time without being noticed. He loves him so much but his love never reached him. He can't see him; he is just like a white crayon that is inscribed in a white paper.   


Previous Chapter

"You are ...?"

"Nakajima.", a tall guy said, "Nakajima Yuto desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.", the said guy bowed to show his respect as he stated his name. His black hair was neatly arranged making him to look more handsome. "And this is my little brother, Raiya."
"Konnichiwa. Nakajima Raiya desu.", Yuto's little brother said and did the same thing with his older brother. You can really say that they are siblings because they really look the same that much. "We are your new neighbor starting from today. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."
"Ah. It's nice to meet you guys, Arioka Daiki desu. And this is my friend, Takaki Yuya." the penguin introduced themselves to their newest and the tallest neighbor in town, "but he lives on the next street, so don't mind him."
Yuya looked at his friend with a raised brow, "What? Dai-chan, why are you this cold to me?", and pouted while Daiki laughed at his childish action, the latter was just kidding, now that they have a new neighbor, it also mean they will have new friends, and the more the merrier. He'll make sure to introduce Yamada when they see each other tomorrow.
"Say, how old are you guys?", Takaki asked. He thought they were about the same age because Yuto is just some few centimeters taller than him while Raiya was just about the same height. " I'm 19 and Raiya's 14 .", he proudly answered that made Daiki's jaw to drop wide open, giving a mild slap on his face, "Seriously?!!"
Yuya laughed on the penguin's reaction, " Hahah! Dai-chan, look. A 14 years old kid surpassed your height.", he said tapping the poor one on his shoulder and soon received death glares from the latter, "I get it right? You don't need to make it too obvious. Uwaaa~ I think I still need lots of milk to drink.", a pout was displayed on the curly boy's face. Yuto, feeling guilty for what he said, apologized to the older but shortest one though he really don't need to do so, "Gomen, gomen."


At last. He saw that person. That mysterious person calling him all over. Ryosuke finally saw him. "But why?” he couldn't understand why that guy suddenly shows on his dream now that he haven't seen him for so long. He couldn't even remember when was the last time he saw him nor how, when and where did they met. And most of all, he didn't know his name. "Who are you?” he threw that question again not minding if his previous question hasn’t yet answered.
"I am..."

"Nii-chan!", and that was not the perfect timing for his little sister to knock on his room, completely waking him up and lost the chance for him to know the name of that guy on his dreams. "Dinner is ready. Dad is calling for us, dakara hayaku or I'll eat all the strawberries, nii-chan."
Reluctantly, Yamada rose from his slumber and gave his sister a respond so that she'd stop on knocking. "Hai. I'll follow. Just don't eat all the ichigo, Kanon.". When he was sure that Kanon left, he once again attempted to remember everything about the past. But it seemed like he suffered dementia that time that he couldn't recall even just a tiny bit about the guy. "Ugh. My head hurts.", he groaned holding his head like what psyduck does. But then he heard another knock on the door, "Ryosuke. Let's eat."

The night passed like a blink of an eye. The sun was shining so bright in the blue sky and Ryosuke, he didn't know why, but he was sad at that morning. It's not he hate the morning shine but because he didn't see the guy on his dream last night after they took their dinner. He was too close at the answer if only his family serve their dinner a little bit late, then maybe; he already knows who that guy is. It was Saturday so there was no school, and what he expected on that day, Yuya gave him a call to go to Daiki's place and to hang around with them.

When the chubby cheeked guy reached Daiki's house, he saw the new neighbor of the Arioka and got introduced. It seemed like it was what Daiki's purpose for him to come but it also seemed that Ryosuke was not interested, not in a rude way, it was just he was still preoccupied on what happened before dinner. The tall brothers didn't stay long as their parents called them to go for a shopping. Their family seems rich because their house is two times bigger than Daiki's house and they were on a Ferrari when they arrived yesterday.
"Something wrong Ryosuke?", Daiki could tell if there's something that bothers his friend especially Ryosuke since he's his childhood friend.
"N-nandemonai.", he lied.
"It is about your dream again, isn't it?", the penguin shot a bull's eye but Yamada kept on denying. "It's not about that, really."

And then Daiki stopped on insisting as he knows Yamada will not tell something if he doesn't want to. A small silence occurred but it felt so awkward for the youngest one so he broke it.
"Yesterday...", he started while Daiki looked at him sincerely ready to listen, but Yamada was still doubting whether to tell him or not. "I ... I saw ... I saw a picture of Umika with somebody on her room. She had a boyfriend?", he asked and the latter nodded. "How come I didn't know?"
Instead of hearing an answer from his friend, he received a meaningful look from him instead that made him blush, "It's not what you're thinking. It's just, I'm curious, I mean we've been best friends for so long but I never heard of your sister having a boyfriend."
"Well. We're also not aware that Umi already had a boyfriend at that time. She kept it as a secret to us."
"But she said that her boyfriend died?"
Daiki slowly nodded, "Un. It happened two years ago, when you went to States to see your grandparents."
"That's why, I didn't know."

Two years ago, Yamada went to the States to see his grandparents. His grandmother was sick and only has few months to live and her wish was to be with her children and grandchildren before she die. He stayed there for 4 months and two weeks with his parents and with his litter sister, Kanon.
"We just knew it when I heard Umika crying on her room one night and told us what happened and that the victim was his boyfriend.", Daiki recounted while Yamada was listening carefully, "she said his boyfriend was stabbed that caused his death. His boyfriend's a rich kid and the cops said the suspect waited for him, killed and steal everything from him."
"That really was so terrible. Killing somebody just to steal and to have money."
"And you know what, it happened on the same day when you had your flight."

When the clock strikes 17:00 Ryosuke decided to go home, still unease. He was walking on the street and suddenly stopped on a bridge where there was a clean river under it and the surrounding was filled by beautiful dandelions. He walked nearer the bridge and looked intently at the river as the water goes by. He didn’t know why he’s doing it; it was like there’s something or someone pulling him to do so. In a little while, Ryosuke slowly closed his eyes as he listened to the birds and to the water flow. “Ah. Aitsu da! I remember it now.”


Ryosuke was on his bike going home from school when he saw someone standing on the bridge with his face down as if he was looking at the river below it. But even though that guy had his head down, Ryosuke could see how beautiful that guy was that let him to stopped on his tracks for a while and watched for that guy as he stopped on the corner of the bridge and watched that guy silently. That guy surely had such impact on him that he stayed there with no reason, he had tons of homework to do at home that’s why he needed to go home and it was already dark but it was all washed away upon seeing that guy. But suddenly the guy climbed on the bridge that resulted for Ryosuke to panic, thinking that the guy would jump off the bridge, he run to that guy and stopped him by hugging him on his waist, “What do you think you’re doing!?” he asked with his voice a little bit raised, he was really so shocked.
“Hanase~!”, the little boy struggled. “Let me do what I want! I want to die!!”, he cried.
“Are you stupid?”
“Yes. I am. And stupid should die!”
Ryosuke tighten up his hold unto that guy, and he was thankful that the latter was petite and light so he dragged him off the bridge and when that guy kept on struggling, he gently pushed him down on the ground and got top on him, “Stop or I’m gonna kiss you.”
The two guys blushed especially Ryosuke, the words just came out on his mouth not really thinking about it but it was still a success as the guy ceased on his skirmish act. They stayed like that for some seconds without anyone uttering even a single word until a kid passed by and asked them what they were doing that snapped them back to the reality and Ryosuke immediately got up and helped the guy on standing too.
“Yamada Ryosuke.” he said as he took a glance at the other guy and silently waiting for him to say his name.
“I’m Chinen.”, he thrifty said not telling his given name. He was still looking down, hiding his newly-formed tears on the corner of his eyes from his savior. He looked sad – very very sad.
Ryosuke breathed, and pulled the younger’s one hand suddenly and Chinen feeling so weak let himself be dragged by a stranger. Ryosuke’s hand was so warm that it made Chinen feels safe. “A-Arigatou.”, he whispered but a car swerved on the distance so Yamada didn’t hear him said thanks.
“Where are you taking me to?”
“To an ice cream shop, I need your head to calm down.”, the taller one answered not looking at him. Chinen just kept quiet until they got inside the nearest ice cream shop.
When they were finally inside the shop, Ryosuke ordered a strawberry-flavored one while Chinen asked for a vanilla-flavor ice-cream. After 5 minutes, Ryosuke finished eating his ice cream while Chine’s ice cream was still on the glass and was still untouched. “Hey Mr. Chinen, you’re ice cream already is a liquid.”
Chinen didn’t respond it seemed like he had a big problem and Ryosuke truly wanted to help, “We’re maybe strangers but I want to help you.”, Ryosuke uttered, “If you want to say something, and you need someone to talk to about whatever reason you have to end your life, I’ll listen. I’m here to listen.”
Still, Chinen didn’t say anything. He was contemplating to tell him his story since he didn’t know Ryosuke but when he felt that the taller one was really sincere on his words, he soon opened up.
“I only want my parents to love me like how they love my brother. I want them to stop comparing us…” he started. Ryosuke could feel his pain on his voice. “I never reached their expectations though I know I did my best and I’ve done enough for them to be proud of me, but it seems that everything I do is still … still not enough for them.”, tears fell on his cheeks, “I’m tired of doing my best for them…”
“Chinen.” It hurts him too to see the little boy on such state, crying with sorrow so he offered his arms to the latter to let him feel safe and that he is there, making Chinen feels that he is not alone.”



Next Chapter

So it is Chinen after all, of course who else. XD
And if you think that Chinen was Umika’s boyfriend too then why is he visiting Yamada on his dreams and not Umika?
If you noticed, I changed the /3 into /?
I planned to divide the story into three parts but there was a sudden change on the flow and I’m not sure how long this will take
Ideas keep on popping on my head like mushroom so yea, the mystery will continue until the release of Mystery Virgin because that is also the theme song for this fiction xD
And note that I’m not sure how old Raiya is so just ignore it, and let Chinen have a brother instead of Saaya, because Saaya is a girl and it is unlikely to happen, well that’s what I think. And yes Fukuda Kanon is Yama-chan’s little sister here because she wants to eat strawberries so I gave her this role xD

Comments are very well appreciated; leaving a comment will not cost you anything.
Thank you very much. ♥
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