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Title: White Crayon [5/?]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: YamaChii, UmiChiii  AriYama, TaDaiki, YamaUmi
Summary: He has been watching him for a long time without being noticed. He loves him so much but his love never reached him. He can't see him; he is just like a white crayon that is inscribed in a white paper.  



"Umi-chan ..."

It was all on his brain, her name, her beautiful name. There’s no need for him to pronounce her name because he knew that it was useless, she will not hear him anyways, and at the same time, he didn't want the guy beside him – the only guy who could see him there hear him calling her. He stared at her and he thought that she hasn't changed at all. Her face, her voice, her pout, everything was still the same well except that she already has a bangs, and it was weird for him to think that he wanted to see her forehead which he used to lay his lips to give her an innocent yet sweet kisses on it.

“Gomen na Umi, I forgot to bring it back on your room yesterday. It’s still on my room.” her older brother said and she puffed her pinkish cheeks. She doesn’t really like it when someone forgets to return something from her. No, she isn't a selfish type, it was just … she was scared of losing someone again on her life. Maybe it was just a simple charger, a charger which is not breathing, a charger which doesn’t have a life, but still, her boyfriend’s death was so traumatic for her that she hadn’t done anything to save him, and worst, she hadn’t told him that she had already forgiven him for breaking her heart into pieces. “Hmm?”, she was not aware of the other guy’s presence as she only knew that it was only Takaki who often visits them or rather he is there almost every day. She looked at their direction tilting her head a bit while Yuri didn’t feel relax and bit his lower lip as he suddenly had sweat on his temple. He never thought that he could still sweat on his situation, he unexpectedly felt nervous that maybe Umika could also see him, but it was just a merely though, “Ryosuke-niichan, you’re here.”, she said with a vivid smile. “Ryosuke-niichan?!”, Daiki and Takaki said in unison. “So when did mom and dad adopt you?”. Daiki asked moving closer at Yamada. “Baka.” just a short respond from him. Ryosuke looked at the shorter guy beside him and caught him taking a deep breath and sighed. Chinen looked at him back but eluded right away turning his sight down looking at the floor. Yamada just let him be as he bonded with the two other guys. He just let Chinen stay on his place and didn’t talk to him because they might get confused on to who is he talking to. It’s not like neglecting the little boy because it was him who brought him there because he thought that really was what Chinen wants – to see Umika. But something didn’t appear right as Chinen was just stooping his head and staring at the floor blankly for the whole time and seemed lifeless. Indeed he is already dead but even though he is, he still has a feeling, and at that time, his soul was also dead.

“I suddenly remembered something important. I’m sorry guys but I need to go.”, Yamada excused, he thought that it was a better thing to do since he couldn’t take to see Chinen on that kind of situation. He was feeling so guilty for what he did. Maybe Chinen was not still ready to see her, he really was that insensitive. The smallest guy didn’t seem to hear him so he needed to approach him and simply tapped him on his shoulders without being noticed by the two. “Ikou.”, he mouthed as Chinen faked a smile trying to look composed again.

As they were walking on the street with a slow pace, Chinen wasn’t still uttering any words and it was odd for Yamada because Chinen isn’t like that. “Don’t you have anything to say?”, he broke that awkward silence with a question still in a very low voice. Chinen slowly looked up at him, “People might think you’re some kind of idiot talking to yourself and you don’t want that to happen right?”, he replied and faked another smile. “Okay fine. But will you stop on faking your smile? You don’t need to smile for me if you really don’t like.”, and after that he didn’t hear any more response for the latter. He just sighed. It was like the first time when they met, Chinen being so quiet and it kinda pissed him. He wanted to ask him what’s wrong but he wanted it more if Chinen would open up at him. It hurts him to see the shorter guy with that gloomy expression again, he knew he’s hurt. So in order to not let him feel that he was alone again, he slowly linked his hand on his. “soba ni ite…”

“ I feel so guilty.” Ryosuke thought that Chinen would keep on his silent mode until they reached home but it surprised him when he abruptly stated those words. “I feel so guilty for leaving her alone without telling her my reason.” And Yamada just kept still on his place, sitting beside Chinen as he prepared himself to listen. He wanted to know the truth, because maybe it could help her, he could her to know the reason. “She is still important to me Ryosuke, it is just …”, he halted biting his lower lip like he was trying to hide something, trying not to spill something on his story. Yamada waited for him to continue, eager to know everything right away. He thought maybe that was the reason why Chinen showed on his dream, and also the reason why he could see him, it was his purpose why he could to talk to him, but if it’s that the case he also wanted to know the reason why their lips touched as it doesn’t seemed connected. And as he thinks of those, he was not aware that his cheeks turned redder. He was lucky still that Chinen didn’t notice it as he was still on with his sentiments. “I don’t want her to get hurt because I …”, the truth was about to revealed. “I fell for another person while I’m still in love with her.”, he uttered, “and that’s unfair because I shouldn’t have loved somebody else if I truly love her right? I didn’t intend to fall for that someone but I just did…helplessly.” And that was his confession was all about. “And that person is …?”

A pregnant silence occurred on the whole room. “Dare?”, Chinen slowly moved his head up and turned to face the older one letting their eyes met. The older just blinked still waiting for an answer. He knew Umika hasn’t still completely moved on on what happened on their past relationship and by knowing everything, he thought that Umika could now accept it though he was aware too that she might get hurt if she knows Chinen’s reason- that her boyfriend fell for another person, that her intuition was right.

Gnnghhggg gnnhhhhg

“What’s that?” Yamada asked upon hearing a weird sound. Chinen chuckled rubbing his stomach, “That came from here, I’m sorry.”he laughed and it made the older guy to be happy because he could see him again with his cheeks vibrating because of his laughter, his laugh that was not fake anymore. “Seriously, you could still be hungry? I thought ghost doesn’t eat at all.”
“Then what those offerings for our souls for?”, he smirked, “and besides, Ryuk even eats apple right?!”
“But Ryuk is a shinigami!”
“and what’s the different between a shinigami and a ghost? we’re both connected to death.”
At the end, Chinen won as what he expected and Yamada didn’t have a choice but to bring something for him to eat, like a princess. “We don’t have gyoza here.”, he said when Chinen demanded for one, it was his favorite food. His lips grew longer, pouting, “mouuu then give me the pudding I saw inside the refrigerator earlier. Don’t tell me that it’s gone now.” Yamada gave up, Chinen was just too cute not to spoil so before his parents call him for dinner, he sneaked to the kitchen first and got the pudding out of the refrigerator and simply went back to his room to give it to the cutest ghost he had ever seen.

Chinen was so happy to taste a food again. Yamada was really right that when he said that they don’t get hungry. He haven’t felt hungry since he died but something changed when he showed up on Yamada, he suddenly felt empty and it was like he was alive again. And the reason why it happened, he doesn’t know. It’s like magic.

He was now alone on the chubby cheeked-guy’s room that was now downstairs eating dinner with his family. He was sitting on the fluffy bed on the said guy until something bears on his mind about his past all of the sudden.

It was when he decided to accompany Umika on her way home and since their relationship wasn’t still legal on both of their families, they need to do everything safely in order not to be caught and so that even though someone would see them together, they should not have any doubts about him since Umika was still young to have a boyfriend and Daiki is an overprotective brother because Umika is the only girl in their family. So one day they, after school they were walking on the streets with their hands locked going to Umika’s house. Chinen would just accompany her until the crossing so that people around their vicinity would not see them and it was also Umika’s request though Chinen really wanted to walk with her until they reached the gate of their house. But at that day, before he could cross the street, the two lovers saw familiar figures on the other side of the road. Chinen suddenly lose hold of Umika’s hand and looked down as if he doesn’t want to be seen. “I-I’m sorry Umi-chan, but I think I can’t accompany you upto there.” Umika beamed at him understanding the situation. “Un. Wakatta, mata ashita ne.”

“mata ashita, ki o tsukete.”, he scampered going to the opposite direction and silently watched Umika crossed the street as she called those persons ahead her so that she would get their attentions.

“Nii-chan! Takaki-kun! Ryosuke-kun, matte!”

“Ryosuke …”


I don't have anything to say at the moment. I'm just happy about the release of MW and Yamada calling Chinen on his first name YURIIIIIII omg YamaChii really is REAL. <3

Comments and very well appreaciated, it will not cost you anything
Thank you very much.
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