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Title: White Crayon [6/?]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Rating: PG
Pairing: YamaChii, UmiChiii AriYama, TaDaiki, YamaUmi



His closed eyes keep on twitching while his face is already covered by the blanket, he can’t sleep with the light coming from the lamp shade. He already turned off the light and prepared himself to sleep after all the very tiring day and so to relax until the little ghost beside him touched the lamp on his study table giving a small amount of light near him. He told him to stop on taping the little lampshade and let him sleep at least thinking that the Chinen was just playing around and was just pestering him since the latter said he doesn’t sleep, but he thought wrong when he frankly said his real reason. “I wanted to see your sleeping face,”
Hearing his cute alibi, he just let him do what he wanted and tugged the blanket to cover his face, not to block the light but to hide his blushing face whilst Chinen puffed his cheeks, “Mou. Don’t hide your face; I said I wanted to see you sleeping deshou?”
Chinen was pulling the blanket out of his and he was surprised that the little boy is strong, “Turn off the light then.”, he commanded and Chinen obeyed, turning off the light making the whole room to be dim. Ryosuke sighed in relief and thought he could sleep peacefully now but Chinen didn’t let him until he removed the cover on his face. He didn’t know what’s on the younger one’s mind but because he was already tired he just allow him to watch him sleep. He is harmless anyways. 
It didn’t take long for Ryosuke to fall asleep, “munya~”, he cutely murmured, it was too cute of him that Chinen giggles while staring at him entirely, “Ryosuke kawaii~”, he utter moving his face slowly near the now sleeping prince and placed a lenient kiss on Ryosuke’s prominent and beautiful nose. “Oyasumi.”

Morning came and the sunlight reflect on the window of his room with the poor Ryosuke soundly sleeping on his huge bed and doesn’t have even a bit idea on how does he look at that time and if he’s still alone on his bed. Chinen was awake all of the time keeping his mouth shut and doesn’t want the chubby cheeked guy to disturb him on his slumber, not until the alarm clock ruined the moment of his peaceful slumber. Ryosuke slowly opened his eyes and welcomed the day with a yawn and greeted Chinen, “ohayou.”, and let another yawn.
“Ohayou Ryosuke”, the little boy greeted back and it snapped Ryosuke completely and his eyes grew wide when the older one saw him lying beside him, with their faces too close to each other and saw his arm wrapped around Chinen’s small waist. “Wha-what are you doing?!”, he asked removing his arm around him and jumped off of his bed completely acting like an idiot. Chinen faked a yawn as if he slept too and titled his head innocently, “wakannai”, he smirked, “oboenai?”
“Wha-what are you saying you weirdo? Don’t … tell me, we …?”
Chinen laughed hard, “What are you saying Ryosuke? You really don’t remember pulling me on your bed last night?”
Chinen showed another smirk as he rolled going to the other side of the bed and seized of Yamada’s arm, “don’t leave me alone…” he closed his eyes as he said it softly. “That’s what you said, Ryosuke.”
Yamada blushed and pull his arm off him, “I-I don’t remember doing that …”
“Of course you don’t, because you’re sleeping, idiot.” 

Yuri insisted to come along with Ryosuke at the university with his promise that he’d behave. Yamada at first didn’t allow him but after Chinen had attacked him with his puppy eyes; it soon convinced him raising a white flag. “Yosh!”, he was utterly happy.
“Just make sure, you’ll behave.”, Yamada said preparing his things for school.
“Aye aye sir!”, he giggled.

They arrived at the university not more than 15 minutes by means of bus, and they just got it on time. Yamada’s classroom is located at the third floor and dashed there while Chinen, feeling lazy to climb up on stairs (because Yamada gets dizzy after he uses elevator) he stopped at the cafeteria which was on the ground floor. He was astonished to see how big and clean the university is, and as he glanced on the glass window on his left side, he saw the water fountain outside and it fascinates him, leaving the cafeteria and making his way out.
“Kirei.”,, he softly voiced, dipping his index finger on the water , it infiltrated him though.
“deshou?”, a subtle voice was heard behind him, a familiar voice, and it stoned him on where he was standing. He tried to get enough strength to spin and see who it was and to check if that person was talking at him or so. He had examined the place and seen nobody around except him and that person behind him before he slowly turned around, “Umika-chan?”
Umika beamed, “hisashiburi da yo.”
“Muri da.”, he uttered, not sure whether to believe if Umika really sees him.
“…Yuri.”, she said almost whispering but enough for Chinen to hear.
“You can see me?”, it was pretty obvious too but he wanted to make sure.
Umika nodded. “Un… since the last time … Ryosuke-kun went to our house.”, she stated. She slowly walked near him and sat on the brick around the fountain, swaying her feet on the air as it didn’t touch the ground.
Chinen took a deep breath and leaped to sit beside his ex-lover. A short silence occurred as both of them didn’t know what to say.
“I … I’m sorry.”, he sincerely pronounced, “I’m sorry for everything that I did.”
“It was him deshou?”, she carefully hopped down, dusting his skirt.
“Eh?”, he was confused.
“Ryosuke-kun …”, she looked at his irises and he avoided his stare. “I supposed I guess it right.”, she chuckled.
“What are you talking about, Umi-chan?”
“I can say that you are in love with him.”, she concluded as she smiled, 
“Umi-chan, I …”
“You don’t need to explain to me Yuri. I don’t mind it now since it is Ryosuke-kun; I know he will take care of you, or maybe the other way around.”
“…”, he blushed, making him speechless. 
“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine now…”, she glanced at him again as she said her final message, “I still love you Yuri. But you know … living with you isn’t what makes me the happiest; it’s … knowing that you are happy.”
“Umi-chan… arigatou na.. and I’m sorry again.”, he bowed.
Umika shook her head, “Uun. Daijoubu yo.”, she spun when she felt that a teardrop was about to fall. “Ja. Atashi iku ne. I still have a class.”
“Ja.” Yuri watched Umika leaved, he was still feeling guilty though but he was happy at the same time that Umika understands him.  And he felt utterly blissful that the thorn on his inside was finally removed and that he can now rest in peace when the time comes the heaven calls him.

“I wonder where he is …” Ryosuke thought as he looked for his friend ghost or rather his guardian angel. He had searched for him all over the place but there was no trace of Chinen Yuri all over. He was getting too anxious that he pulled his cellphone out from his pocket to call him but that was no use, “Gahd. Why am I so stupid to think that he has a phone and could make phone call?!”, he lectured his self and put the phone back inside his pocket. “Maybe he is already at home.” Yamada’s schooling lasted for 6 hours and he thought it bores Chinen to wait for him there doing nothing so he went back home. He passed on a small restaurant first before he went home.
“Okaeri.”, his mom greeted him back. Ryosuke went straight to his room upstairs seeing Chinen laying on his bed and staring on the ceiling.
“You’re waiting for a lizard to come, don’t you.”, he chuckled.
Chinen was a bit surprised, and jolted a little, “You’ve scared me Ryosuke!”
“I should be the one who’s scared here. A ghost is on my bed.”
“Well, I’m cute! Nobody will be scared at me. Pfft.”, he sprang and looked at the plastic bag that Ryosuke was holding, “Nani sore?”
Ryosuke swiftly hid it on his back though it was too late, “Be-betsuni.”
Chinen furrowed his eyebrows, “I smell gyoza.”, he smirked as he stands up and squints to what Ryosuke had on his back as if ready to pounce.
Ryosuke sighed. “Okay fine.”, he reveal it again and gave to the little one. “Here.”
Yuri’s eyes were like diamonds as it gleamed upon having his favorite food which he hasn’t tasted for a long time, “Arigatou!”
Ryosuke just smiled seeing how happy and cute his guardian angel is.

When Yuri had finished his food (and Ryosuke had changed clothes), the chubby cheeked guy sat beside him and asked, “Have you explained everything to her now?”
The shorter one was blank at first for the question the older one suddenly threw but grasped it no so long. He beamed, “Un.”
“So can she can also see you na.” Ryosuke smiled back.
“Yeah. Chotto! How did you know that?”, he raised his brow, putting his arm on each side of his waist.
“Well, I didn’t hear your conversation but I accidentally saw you on the school ground by my room’s window.”, he explained.
“Sou.”, it convinced him. “I felt someone’s watching us, and it was you after all.”
“Sou ne. Uhm… I need to do my homeworks now.”
“Is that so? Then I can help you with your homeworks in return for buying a gyoza for me. Not to mention, but I was the top-notcher on my class.”, he proudly said.
“Really? Thanks then, at least it’d be easier for me.”, he opened his school back looking for his notebook, “Are? It’s not here.”
“Nani ga?”
“Ah! Daichan borrowed my notebook to copy notes and he forgot to return it to me. Gosh, the penguin. I need to go.”
“I’ll come.”

Daiki’s mom just let Ryosuke to go straight on his son’s room since they’re friend for so long and Arioka-san went back to kitchen to cook their dinner. Umika was on the living room and she just smiled on Yuri who smiled back at her when they saw each other again. Yuri decided to stay there and just wait for Ryosuke to come back since he knew it would not last long. Umika just kept on watching TV while Yuri watched her on what she’s doing. While Ryosuke was already upstairs and he grinned seeing that the door on Daiki’s room was slightly opened and he thought of startling him.
But .. the moment he reached the last step in front of his friend’s room, it was him who got surprise for what he saw. His friend ever since they were kids, his bestfriend, was not alone inside his room. Yuya was also there.
Right in front of his brown irises he saw … how the older’s lips landed on his bestfriend’s own.

“Dai-chan…” a teardrop fell on his cheeks and he dashed going downstairs. Chinen was shocked to see the older one running with tears. He attempted to stop him and hold him on his arm but Ryosuke just passed through him running back home. Both Yuri and Umika were left confused on what had happened. Yuri looked up at the stares and then looked outside, watching how Ryosuke fled.

“Ryosuke …”


Sorry for the late update. There are still two more chapters left.
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