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Title: 銀の世界に願いを込めて
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nodoka06
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Summary:  Soon, for sure, they will see each other again.
A/N: Yea songfic dude. I thought this song really suits for YamaChii. Hihih.

好きだよ )
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お誕生日おめでとう 知念侑李!!

Happy Birthday to our dearest squirrel and Yamada’s loveliest and cutest wife!
Happy Happy Birthday YURIET!! Have you received your gift/s from your Ryomeo already?
I wonder what kind of gift/s he gave to you. Did he greet you at exactly 00:00?
Well whatever his gift/s is/are, I know, it really came from Yamada’s heart. Aww I’m getting too cheesy here.
Now that you are both 19 … chotto, why am I talking to the both of you? XD I really couldn’t help myself to include Yama-chan here because the two of you are living, loving, and breathing as one right? >:DD

But seriously Chinen-kun, I’m so happy to see that you’ve grown up very well. Despite that you only grew some millimeters taller you’ve grown up perfectly as for my view. Day by day, you’re getting prettier and day by day Yamada is falling for you more, YamaChii again hahah! And I’m so proud for what you are now, I’m so happy that I’ve seen you grow for these 5 years and I still want to see you grow (together with Yamada-kun) until your hair turns into grey. For whatever happens, even if your voice turns deeper again, we will still be here to support you; because even if your appearance becomes manlier, you will stay as a princess for me. As long as you have those long beautiful and sexy eyelashes of yours, I will forever see you as a girl – Yamada Ryosuke’s beloved princess.

Chinen, I’m hoping for you to have a great birthday today, which I’m sure you already do since Yamachan is there with you to make you the happiest birthday celebrant in the whole universe (and I am a bit jealous for that /whacked/). I’m wishing you all the best (and best wishes for YamaChii. YEY! XD) and keep on doing your best!(you too Yamada-kun … omg I’m too formal.) And please never get tired on showing us your bright smiles, because a simple smile of yours could already make one’s day. Happy happy happy happy birthday again Chinen Yuri. <3

  I don't feel like using lj-cut for this bday post. XD
okay, so the Chinen-centric fanvid I was talking about has been uploaded to my fb.

I enjoy making fanvid atm XD
I used Tsugunaga Momoko’s Momochi Yurushite Nyan Taisou here because this song is the most narcissistic song I've ever heard, and because I think Chinen is a bit like Momoko. I mean aside for having a “chi” on their nicknames, they are both chibi, and the smallest member in their groups, narcissists, spoiled brat, and super duper cuteeeee. And they both have issues regarding their characters and I don’t want to open it up since it’s his birthday so negative thing is a no-no. The song explains it all, and if you’re a Momowota (or a freaking anti), you know what I mean. Both Momochi and YuriChi will stay as they are, and Chinen will keep on singing as long as he wants, he already stopped on sitting on someone’s lap (maybe oncam but who knows when it is offcam), so be happy at least that he’s not as spoiled as he was .
Seriously people, just deal with it. Chinen Yuri will not change.
He is so sorry if he looks more girly than you are. He is so sorry if he is prettier than us.
Just accept it.

Chinen: I won't change. 

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Title: A New Life Waiting [9/?]: それは問題ではない。[It doesn't matter]
Author: Hirasawa Yui
Pairing: Who the hell are you thinking?
Rating: PG-13
Warning: M-PREG. Just to stop Yamada on harassing the poor squirrel.
Chapter summary (skip this folks): They have been separated by faith. Yamada’s hair got shorter while Chinen is still shorter than him.
A/N: Yamada’s text messages on his phone / Chinen’s text messages on his phone.

Ch 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8

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