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Yamada Ryosuke's 10 Girlfriend Requisites

4 Has a short hairstyle
I like short, brownish, and airy/fluffy hairstyles. Without thinking, they making me want to touch them and protect the girl.

7 Her eyes get smaller when she laughs/smiles 
Smiles should be genuine. A girl with big eyes that suddenly become thin/small is good.

translation (c) xxbubbleteaxx.

  • どのような女の子は、山田くんが好きドキドキですか?[A] ですか、[ B] ですか。



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[reposting from my tumblr]

If only Chisato has worn the yellow outfit, then I would not have a problem playing with their initials and outfit colors and call them the NYC Girls. xD However, Chisa-chan in green still looks great. xD

Mitte~ Mitte~!! :DD

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 Momoiro Sparkling lyrics by me, well i don't know if it is 100% accurate. I just typed what I heard according to my ears Hehe. I made it color-coded to distinguish who sang that line. :)) I'm not sure if somebody already has posted it though.

Chu Chu Chu~! )

A mini rant for this. When I first watched the PV, and saw Airi, I saw some angles on her that looks like Yuukarin, uhmm maybe her hairstyle, her bangs, her smile ... I don't really know what it is, but there is something! >:D

The steps are cute as usual. And I love that Chisato is in the lead vocals again. She's so cute !!! Well everyone is cute but her cuteness is different! I like the part most in the chorus, where they sways their butts around in the "Un~" part lols. It's sexy but not in a dirty way.

And somehow ... it can be paired with HS7's Kagayaki Days lols. It's just my opinion when I saw that pink bubbles on their PV, plus the fact that they both a 5 members group. C-ute has those momoiro bubbles while HS7 had those water like mini flood that made Keito to slipped, oh poor Keito.. >D, it is somehow connected for me. Momoiro (Sparkling)Kagayaki Days XDD

PS: I've had a dream here.
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Because of the datas that Seventeen shared to us, it makes me interested to get my body data also and be compared  lol.
Height164 cm147cm159cm
Head: vertically212022
         : Around5855.555.5
Ears: vertically665.5
        : horizontally332.5
Eyes: vertically1.211
eyesightR:0.2 L:0.2IDKR:0.9 L:0.7
width of mouth555.5
around biceps292222
length of arm66.56467
hands: vertically171616.5
dominant handRightRightLeft♥
around wrist15.51314.5
around bust817277
around waist67.56563
around hips888185.5
around the thigh514243
around the knees33.53232
around the ankles21.519.519.5
shoe size262226
length of the legs747071
shoulder width42.53742
height of nose2.31.8?2.5
height of forehead6.566
Overall, Pink wins!! Just like what I though, Chinen and I are lost siblings lmao, let me just dream of it okay.
But having same size of ears and mouth with Yamada is just sdhshdsd;'jfdshf
Chinen's biceps and mine are the same.. oh yeah because she is a princess xD

Kiss me hanasanai de

I just love Mai's curly hair, and the fact that Chisato is on the lead vocals !! ♥
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